Change in the state of liver lysosomes and lymphocytes during development of secondary immunodeficiency and in chronic toxic hepatitis

Nikolaev A.I., Mamutov Zh.I., Mukhamadov Kh.S.
PubMed Id: 8379113
Year: 1993  Volume: 39  Issue: 4  Pages: 41-43
Activity of acid hydrolases, acid phosphatase, cathepsin D, DNA- and RNAases in lysosomal fractions of liver tissue and peripheric blood lymphocytes as well as concentration of circulating immune complexes in blood serum were studied in thymectomized rats and in thymectomized rats with chronic heliotrinic hepatitis; thymosin and alimentary factors were used for treatment and correction of the impairments observed. The rate of thymus hormones deficiency was found to be responsible for impairments of functional activity of lysosomes in lymphocytes and liver tissue. Activation of the lysosomal enzymes studied was detected within early periods (40 days) after thymectomy, while a decrease in the enzymatic activity was observed within later periods and to the end of the experiment (190 and 370 days). Besides, concentration of circulating immune complexes was increased in liver tissue and the most distinct increase occurred within 370 days after thymectomy. Activity of lysosomal enzymes in liver tissue and lymphocytes and content of circulating immune complexes in blood were normalized in thymectomized animals after treatment with thymosin and alimentary factors.
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Nikolaev A.I., Mamutov Zh.I., Mukhamadov Kh.S. (1993) Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 39(4), 41-43.
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