Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii (ISSN 0042-8809)

Glucocorticoid receptor level in the blood leukocytes in different acute diseases

Golikov P.P., Bobkova A.S.
PubMed Id: 7314584
Year: 1981 vol: 27  issue:5  pages: 654-658
Abstract: Content of glucocorticoid receptors in cytosol of blood leukocytes, concentration of cortisol and amount of leukocytes in blood were studied in 20 patients with acute impairments within the second day of the disease. Content of receptors in cytosol of blood leukocytes was studied using 3H-triamcinolone acetonide. Distinct increase in amount of the leukocyte glucocorticoid receptors was found in patients with poisoning by dichlorethane and hypnotic drugs under conditions of acute myocardial infarction. In acute pancreatitis content of the leukocyte receptors was not altered as compared with controls. Concentration of endogenous cortisol was increased in blood of all the patients, except of the cases of acetate intoxication. Reverse correlation was observed between concentration of cortisol in blood and content of glucocorticoid receptors in leukocytes. But in the patients with acute pancreatitis the decrease in content of leukocyte glucocorticoid receptors was not observed although there was an increase in cortisol concentration in blood. The role of glucocorticoid receptors in immunological processes under conditions of purulent complications and possibility to regulate the metabolism in leukocytes are discussed.
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Reference: Golikov P.P., Bobkova A.S., Glucocorticoid receptor level in the blood leukocytes in different acute diseases, Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 1981, vol: 27(5), 654-658.