Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii (ISSN 0042-8809)

Enzyme systems of lysosomes in cell nutrition

Tutel'ian V.A., Vasil'ev A.V.
PubMed Id: 3318114
Year: 1987 vol: 33  issue:5  pages: 65-74
Abstract: Lysosomal enzymatic systems were studied in various cell classes--hepatocytes, cardiomyocytes, adipocytes and thrombocytes during ontogenesis, in alteration of the nutritional type from placental to enteral and from enteral to parenteral, in disbalance of protein and lipid compositions, in starvation as well as in some pathological states related to impairment of lipid metabolism. Evolution of the cellular lysosomal apparatus appears to result in enlargement of its functions in cellular nutrition, which may be considered as an instrument of metabolic equilibrium at the step of hydrolytic catabolism participating in multiple physiological reactions.
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Reference: Tutel'ian V.A., Vasil'ev A.V., Enzyme systems of lysosomes in cell nutrition, Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 1987, vol: 33(5), 65-74.