Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii (ISSN 0042-8809)

The effect of second messengers on neutrophil movement

Galkin A.A., Tumanov E.A., Timin E.N., Misochko I.V., Karelin A.A.
PubMed Id: 7618307
Year: 1994 vol: 40  issue:6  pages: 7-10
Abstract: Effects of cAMP and cGMP dibutyryl derivatives (dbt), calcium ionophore A23187 and the protein kinase C activator PMA phorbol ester on mobility of human blood neutrophils were studied using the Magiskan 2A system of image processing. These drugs were added at concentrations, which allowed to produce similar inhibition of the cells mobility using a pattern of the middle velocity measurement in the cell population: dbt cAMP 5.10(-5)M, A23187 10(-6)M, PMA 10(-5)M; dbt cGMP 5.10(-6)M stimulated the neutrophil mobility. Differences in the patterns of mobility inhibition were detected by means of spectral characteristics related to alteration in the area of individual neutrophils. The drugs with inhibitory action (cAMP, A23187 and PMA) caused a decrease in the spectrum capacity of the area alteration as compared with normal state, while they affected dissimilarly the spectrum frequency characteristics. Dbt cAMP did not alter the frequency characteristics, A23187 shifted the spectrum towards a high frequency region and PMA--towards a low frequency range. Dbt cGMP did not alter the spectrum capacity but shifted it slightly to low frequency region. These alterations in the spectrum frequency characteristics are discussed considering the effect of secondary messengers on three types of the neutrophil movement which exhibit inherent frequencies
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Reference: Galkin A.A., Tumanov E.A., Timin E.N., Misochko I.V., Karelin A.A., The effect of second messengers on neutrophil movement, Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 1994, vol: 40(6), 7-10.