Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii (ISSN 0042-8809)

Phospholipid content of cancerous lungs

Khyshiktuev B.S., Agapova Yu.R., Zhilin I.V., Ivanov V. N.
PubMed Id: 10547887
Year: 1999 vol: 45  issue:4  pages: 350-354
Abstract: Phospholipid spectrum of lung tissue fragments was studied in thedependence on the presence of malignant cells located at different distance from the focusof affection. Elevation of sphingomyelin (SM) level and lowering of phosphatidylcholine(PC) was noted in all analyzed patterns in pulmonary tissue. Alteration of growthmalignant fields with extensive necrosis zones predominated in the same simples. Theaccumulation of phosphatidylinositol (PI) fraction and phosphatidylglycerol (PGL)deficiency was found. A similar tendency was supplemented with lysophosphatidylcholine(LPC) maximum on line of the extensive growth. It might be the result of invasivecharacteristic manifestation by tumor cells.
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Reference: Khyshiktuev B.S., Agapova Yu.R., Zhilin I.V., Ivanov V. N., Phospholipid content of cancerous lungs, Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii, 1999, vol: 45(4), 350-354.