Early proteomics of ovary cancer: myth or reality?


1. Russian State Medical University, Moscow
2. Institute of Biomedical Chemistry Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
3. Russian Research Centre for Oncology Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Type: Experimental/clinical study
PubMed Id: 14569865
Year: 2003 vol: 49  issue:1  pages: 2-7
Abstract: Literature data summarizing new approaches and importance of early ovary cancer diagnostics have been reviewed. Alpha-feta-protein (AFP) and SA125 were the most reliable markers for determination of early ovary cancer stages. Nevertheless, these markers don't reflect the disease stage, malignance and they don't possess sufficient specificity. New methodical approaches have recently been introduced. They include combination of 2-D electrophoresis with mass-spectrometry. These methods allow to inventory and identify almost all proteins of various tissues. Using these methods for scanning proteins from biopsies of ovary cancer tissues new markers have been discovered.
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Reference: Makarov O.V., Govorun V.M., Taranets I.N., Goufman E.I., Gritsai A.N., Archakov A.I., Early proteomics of ovary cancer: myth or reality?, Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 2003, vol: 49(1), 2-7.