Urinе biopolymers of syringomyelia patients


1. Institute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis, Bashkirian Academy of Science and Ufa Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Science
2. Bashkirian State Medical University
Type: Experimental/clinical study
PubMed Id: 16119091
Year: 2003 vol: 49  issue:6  pages: 623-626
Abstract: Urine of patients with syringomyelia was analysed by gel filtration, ion-exchange chromatography and analytical chemistry methods. Increased level of acidic glycoproteins and decreased level glycosaminoglycanes levels were found. Patients with syringomyelia had smaller glycosaminoglycans components of proteoglycans than normal subjects.
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Reference: Kchusnutdinova S.B., Bashkatov S.A., Borisova N.A., Urinе biopolymers of syringomyelia patients, Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 2003, vol: 49(6), 623-626.