The second messendger response under altitude chamber treatment


1. Institute of High Altitude Physiology and Experimental Pathology, Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences
Type: Experimental/clinical study
PubMed Id: 15179826
Year: 2004 vol: 50  issue:2  pages: 187-191
Abstract: The activity of phosphoinositide and adenylate cyclase systems of second messengers in rat brain under altitude chamber treatment (6000 m x 24 hours) were investigated. Selective suppression of each messenger system was achieved by pretreatment of rats with either lithium chloride or propranolol for 8 days. Consequences of this treatment and/or hypoxia were evaluated by orientation behavior and physical exercise test. Administration of LiCl caused reduction of phosphoinositide level; hypoxia (6000 m) causedfurther impairments in the second messenger content. There was synergism of interaction between between phosphoinositide and adenylatcyclase systems were demonstrated.
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Reference: Vishnevsky A.A., Jakovlev V.M., Habibullova Z.I., The second messendger response under altitude chamber treatment, Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 2004, vol: 50(2), 187-191.