DNA-protective activity of natural and synthetic antioxidants


1. Pharmacological Research Institute and Department of Pharmacology of Volgograd State Medical University
Type: Review
PubMed Id: 15354534
Year: 2004 vol: 50  issue:3  pages: 231-242
Abstract: Free radicals attack cell genome in oxidative stress conditions accompanying many human diseases. Mutagenic and carcinogenic xenobiotics cause oxidative DNA damages also. Oxidative DNA damages become intensive in aging organisms. The data on natural and synthetic antioxidants protecting DNA from oxidation are presented in this review.
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Reference: Zinovjeva V.N., Spasov A.A., DNA-protective activity of natural and synthetic antioxidants, Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 2004, vol: 50(3), 231-242.