Dysfunction of thyroid gland at experimental hyperuricemia


1. Donetsk state medical university, Donetsk,Ukraine
Type: Experimental/clinical study
PubMed Id: 15850222
Year: 2005 vol: 51  issue:1  pages: 72-75
Abstract: Thyroid gland function was investigated in rats with experimental hyperuricemia. Data obtained indicate that dyshormonal changes are secondary ones and their development depends on the state of purine metabolism. Administration of allopyrinol, an uric acid depressant drug, improved thyroid gland function.
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Reference: Nikolenko Yu.I., Nikolenko V.Yu., Ignatenko G.A., Mukhin I.V., Dysfunction of thyroid gland at experimental hyperuricemia, Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 2005, vol: 51(1), 72-75.