The role of ceruloplasmin in neoplastic processes


1. Moscow State Medical Stomatological University
2. A. N. Bakh Institute of Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences
3. Moscow State Medical Stomatological University, . N. Orekhovich Institute of Biochemical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Type: Review
PubMed Id: 16104389
Year: 2005 vol: 51  issue:3  pages: 263-275
Abstract: Ceruloplasmin (CP) is a copper containing oxidase of human plazma alpha-2-globulin fraction. The review summarizes literature data on biological role of CP under normal conditions and during development of malignant tumor. This protein may be involved both into antitumor deference and also into metastasizing process. Although CP has already been employed into intensive therapy of oncologic patients all mechanisms underlying its biological activity remain to be clarified.
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Reference: Vavilova T.P., Goussarova Yu.N., Koroleva O.V., Medevedev A.E., The role of ceruloplasmin in neoplastic processes, Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 2005, vol: 51(3), 263-275.