Molecular recognition elements - DNA/RNA-aptamers to proteins


1. AN Belozersky Institute of Physical and Chemical Biology, MV Lomonosov Moscow State University
Type: Review
DOI: 10.18097/PBMC20105606639      UDK: 517. 113      PubMed Id: 21395067
Year: 2010 vol: 56  issue:6  pages: 639-656
Abstract: In this review summarizes data on DNA/RNA aptamers - a novel class of molecular recognition elements. Special attention is paid to the aptamers to proteins involved into pathogenesis of wide spread human diseases. These include aptamers to serine protease, to cytokines/growth factors, to influenza viral protein, nucleic acid binding proteins. Strong and specific binding for a given protein target of aptamers make them an attractive class of direct protein inhibitors. They can inhibit pathogenic proteins and it is becoming clear that aptamers have the potential to be a new and effective class of therapeutic molecules.
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Reference: Spiridonova V.A., Molecular recognition elements - DNA/RNA-aptamers to proteins, Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 2010, vol: 56(6), 639-656.
This paper is also available as the English translation:10.1134/S1990750810020046