Nuclear glutathione and its functions


1. Irkutsk State Medical University
Type: Review
DOI: 10.18097/PBMC20105606657      UDK: 577.15:577.17:612.014.22      PubMed Id: 21395068
Year: 2010 vol: 56  issue:6  pages: 657-662
Abstract: During recent years the nuclear localization of glutathione has been confirmed and this fraction has been quantitatively determined. The nuclear GSH and the enzymes of its metabolism realize independent and important functions. They considerably differ from functions of hyaloplasmic and mitochondrial GSH. Glutathione interacts with regulatory pathways, involved into signal transmission into the nucleus.
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Reference: Kulinsky V.I., Kolesnichenko L.S., Nuclear glutathione and its functions, Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 2010, vol: 56(6), 657-662.
This paper is also available as the English translation:10.1134/S1990750810030029