Combined markers of initial stages of coronary atherosclerosis


1. National Research Center for Preventive Medicine
Type: Short communication
DOI: 10.18097/PBMC20176303272      PubMed Id: 28781261
Year: 2017 vol: 63  issue:3  pages: 272-277
Abstract: Abnormalities in energy metabolism and endothelial dysfunction contribute to signaling processes associated with atherogenesis. The goal of our study was to develop diagnostic tests based on endothelial functional markers and adiponectin to differentiate early stages of coronary lesions during atherogenesis. The cohort included male and female patients from 25 to 86 years of age. All subjects underwent coronary angiography and severity of coronary lesions was quantified by the Gensini score that assigns points depending on location and extent of the lesions. We have estimated associations between the Gensini score and some known primary and secondary diagnostic parameters and have found that the ratio of serum levels of adiponectin to endothelin strongly correlates with severity of coronary lesions and can be used for differentiation of male patients lacking coronary atherosclerosis (despite symptoms of ischemic heart disease) from patients that have severe coronary lesions. Predictive power of adiponectin to endothelin ratio did not depend on drug therapy.
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Reference: Gumanova N.G., Klimushina M.V., Gavrilova N.E., Metelskaya V.A., Combined markers of initial stages of coronary atherosclerosis, Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 2017, vol: 63(3), 272-277.
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