• 1.1. The journal publishes papers in all areas of biomedical chemistry and related disciplines, including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, enzymology, molecular biology, biochemical pharmacology, molecular and cellular medicine, clinical biochemistry, etc.
  • 1.2. Completed original works written in English are accepted for publication, provided that their topics correspond to the sections of the journal described below and are recommended by one of the members of the editorial board.
  • 1.3. Experimental and clinical papers should be limited by 30,000 characters with spaces, including a list of references, and contain no more than 10 illustrations or tables. Literature reviews should be limited by 70,000 characters. The number illustration materials should be sufficient for adequate presentation of information. Short communications are limited by 15000 characters, including 10-12 references, 2-3 figures or tables.
  • 1.4. Authors can provide Supplementary materials required for better understanding of the data presented in the article. These materials are deposited on the journal’s website. The editors reserve the right to refuse to publish part or all Supplementary materials, and to offer the author to provide Supplementary materials or to transfer part of the materials from the text of the article to additional data.
  • 1.5. The editors reserve the right to shorten the manuscripts, regardless of their size, keeping the actual part. Submission of a manuscript for publication in the journal Biomedical Chemistry implies the agreement of the authors with the rules and instruction.
  • 1.6. Manuscripts containing plagiarism will be removed from the editorial bag at any stage of manuscript processing. Special attention should be paid to avoid self-plagiarism. In some cases authors may include previously published data in the submitted manuscript only with indication (citation) of the original paper, where such materials have already published.


The publication of articles in the journal Biomedical Chemistry does not require any financial expenses from the authors, except for the publication of color illustrations in the printed version.

Terms of copyright transfer

  • The authors retain the copyright to the work and transfer to the journal the right of first publication along with the work, licensing it after one year after publication under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows others to distribute this work with the mandatory attribution of this work and a link to the original publication in this journal.
  • Authors retain the right to enter into separate, additional contractual agreements for the non-exclusive distribution of a version of the work published by this journal (e.g., posting it in a university repository or publishing it in a book), with reference to the original publication in this journal.

Checklist for preparing a paper for submission
As one step in the article submission process, authors must verify that their article meets all of the following points; articles may be returned to authors if they do not meet these requirements.

  • The article has not been previously published or submitted for review and publication in another journal.
  • The file with the text of the submitted article is in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, or RTF document format. The text and all illustration files should be archived in a single ZIP file.
  • The additional files section is for files with additional materials or letters to the editors. Each file in this section should be described.
  • The text and illustrative material should meet all the requirements described in the Guidelines for Authors
  • The name of one of the authors should be marked as the author for correspondence with the Editorial Board. All co-authors must agree with the publication of the submitted materials, which is confirmed by a letter (scan) to the Editorial Board with the signatures of the authors.


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