The study of mRNA expression profiles of main cell function regulator genes in unchanged colonic mucosa from healthy donors

Zakharenko M.V., Bozhenko V.K., Kiseleva Ya.Yu., Dzhikiya E.L., Stanoevich U.S., Kulinich T.M., Melnikova N.V., Senchukova A.L., Urakova A.B., Grunin I.B., Goncharov S.V., Bliznyukov O.P., Solodkiy V.A.

Year: 2021 Vol: 67 Issue: 4 Pages: 366-373

Supplementary materials:   RUEN
Expression levels of 62 genes for each anatomical region of the colon in donors without colon pathology. Significance of differences in differential expression of the studied genes with a superimposed heat map of differential gene expression in pairwise comparison of different parts of colon in tissues obtained from conventionally healthy donors.PBMC-2021-67-4-366_supplement.xlsx  PBMC-2021-67-4-366_supplement.xlsx