Lipidomic markers of tumor progress in breast cancer patients

Tokareva A.O., Starodubtseva N.L., Chagovets V.V., Rodionov V.V., Kometova V.V., Chingin K.S., Frankevich V.E.

Year: 2022 Vol: 68 Issue: 2 Pages: 144-152

Supplementary materials:   RUEN
The coincidence of tumor progression markers in borderline and tumor tissue. The correlation of lipid classes with clinical and morphological parameters of tumor.PBMC-2022-68-02-144 _S1.pdf  PBMC-2022-68-02-144 _S1.pdf 
The complete list of lipids whose levels statistically significantly correlate with certain clinical and morphological parameters.PBMC-2022-68-02-144 _S2.pdf  PBMC-2022-68-02-144 _S2.pdf