Characteristics of behavioral reactions and the profile of brain isatin-binding proteins of rats with the rotenone-induced experimental parkinsonism

Kapitsa I.G., Kazieva L.Sh., Vavilov N.E., Zgoda V.G., Kopylov A.T., Medvedev A.E., Buneeva O.A.

Year: 2023 Vol: 69 Issue: 1 Pages: 46-54

Supplementary materials:   RUEN
Supplementary materials contain the complete list of rat brain isatin-binding proteins obtained by means of mass spectrometry-based identification of proteins of control animals and the animals with rotenone-induced parkinsonism. It is shown the results of proteomic identification of mouse brain proteins specific to MPTP-induced parkinsonism either in the case of primary reaction or the delayed (7 days) reaction to the neurotoxin MPTP injection.PBMC20236901046-supplement-ru.pdf  PBMC20236901046-supplement-en.pdf