Comparative study of the human keratinocytes proteome of the HaCaT line: identification of proteins encoded by genes of 18 chromosomes under the influence of detergents

Kisrieva Y.S., Samenkova N.F., Larina O.B., Zgoda V.G., Karuzina I.I., Rusanov A.L., Luzgina N.G., Petushkova N.A.

Year: 2020 Vol: 66 Issue: 6 Pages: 469-476

Supplementary materials:   RUEN
A complete list of identified control-HaCaT cell proteins, SDS-HaCaT cell proteins, Triton-HaCaT cell proteins. The list of proteins encoded by chromosome 18 identified in human HaCaT keratinocytes processed using Progenesis LC-MS software. Influence of detergents on the number of proteins identified in the cells of the HaCaT line, encoded by human chromosomes. Quantitative distribution of identified HaCaT keratinocyte proteins across chromosomes number. The proteins encoded by genes of all chromosome, identified in