System analysis of surface CD markers during the process of granulocytic differentiation

Novikova S.E., Tolstova T.V., Soloveva N.A., Farafonova T.E., Tikhonova O.V., Kurbatov L.K., Rusanov A.L., Zgoda V.G.

Year: 2023 Vol: 69 Issue: 6 Pages: 383-393

Supplementary materials:   RUEN
Supplementary materials contain the results of transcriptomic and proteomic analysis, functional annotation of proteins and their cellular localization. The table provides information about peptides, proteins, and transitions used in SRM/SIS analysis. Figure S1 presents the dynamics of changes in the expression levels of CD38, CD11b, CD18, and CD71 at time points 0, 24, and 72 hours after the ATRA treatment, recorded using flow cytometry. Figure S2 shows changes in the abundances of 8 markers after ATRA treatment recorded through proteomic