Peptide hormones, receptors and other proteins in the mechanisms of hormonal regulation

Pankov Yu.A.1

1. Endocrine Research Centre of RAMS
Section: Miscellaneous
PubMed Id: 15179819
Year: 2004  Volume: 50  Issue: 2  Pages: 121-135
The amino acid sequence of porcine b-lipotropin was the first protein primary structure studied in Russia. This peptide as well as ACTH is liberated after proteolysis of proopiomelanocortin (POMC). a-MSH and b-MSH (melanocortins), which are the fragments of ACTH and b-lipotropin respectively, are the mediators of leptin action on appetite and lipid metabolism. The structure and molecular aspects of hormone signaling of the membrane receptors of leptin and melanocortins were analysed in the connection to the regulation of food consumption, growth, and puberty. Some aspects of insulin receptor and IGF-I receptor as well as intracellular receptors of lipid hormones (steroid and thyroid hormones) were also discussed. The next postulate: "All organs, tissues, and cells of humans and animals are endocrine" is formulated on the basis of the accumulated data.
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Pankov Yu.A. (2004) Biomeditsinskaya khimiya, 50(2), 121-135.
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