1985, Volume 31, Issue 1
2-10 Krivobokova S.S.
Medical chemistry in the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (40th anniversary of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences)
10-23 Zamaraeva T.V., Lebedev D.A.
Transverse covalent bonds stabilizing the collagen structures in normal and pathological conditions (review)
23-32 Daĭkhin E.I.
Biochemical structure and functions of basal membranes (review of the literature)
32-40 Gerasimova E.N., Perova N.V.
Self-regulation of the functional state of high density lipoproteins and its disorders in hypoalphacholesterolemia (review)
40-43 Nasyrov Kh.M., Farkhutdinov R.R.
Study of the antioxidative activity of anti-inflammatory agents
43-47 Engibarian A.A., Karagezian K.G., Ovakimian S.S.
Changes in the phospholipid-phospholipid ratio and lipid peroxidation in the heart muscle in experimental myocardial infarction before and after combined antioxidant therapy
47-51 Kershengol'ts B.M., Alekseev V.G., Gavrilova E.M., Li N.G.
Various causes of decreased aldehyde dehydrogenase activity in the rat liver and blood in chronic alcoholic intoxication
52-54 Cheshchevik A.B.
Energy metabolism in the kidney cortex of rats with alloxan diabetes
54-58 Boiarinov G.A., Shvets N.A., Peretiagin S.P., Khvorov N.V., Trifonova L.V.
Metabolic effect of gutimine on the myocardial tissue in blood loss
58-61 Aĭtbaev K.A.
The levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol and other lipids in the native population of the mountain region of Kirghizia
61-64 Mikosha A.S.
The effect of o,p'-dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane on malic enzyme activity of the adrenal glands
65-68 Chesnokova N.P., Kuliash G.Yu.
Effect of botulinum toxin on the activity of transport ATPases in biological membranes
68-71 Badalian L.O., Amanova Z.N., Temin P.A., Grinio L.P., Severina I.S.
Mitochondrial monoamine oxidase in progressive Duchenne muscular dystrophy
72-74 Kochetova M.M., Lur'e B.L.
Determination of free serum phenol by gas-liquid chromatography in hemosorption
74-76 Krichevskaia A.A., Bondarenko T.I., Makletsova M.G., Lobova E.F.
Homocarnosine levels in various regions of the rat brain and blood in hypoxia and after hyperbaric oxygenation
76-79 Krakovskiĭ M.E., Ashirmetov A.Kh.
In vivo activity of drug-metabolizing enzymes in various pathological conditions
79-82 Iakushev V.S., Zhezha V.V.
Activity of the key glycolysis enzymes of the heart during emotional stress and myocardial necrosis induced after exposure to stress
82-85 Panchenko L.F., Cherkasova T.D., Komarov O.S.
Cyclic nucleotides in experimental uveitis
85-89 Turakulov I.Kh., Luchenko M.B., Gaĭnutdinov M.Kh., Abidov A.A.
Effect of total ischemia and 3',5'-cAMP on the activity of the thermostable cytoplasmic inhibitor of Ca2+ ion transport in rat heart mitochondria
90-92 Blinov M.N., Luganova I.S., Vladimirova A.D., Saltykova L.B.
Ornithine decarboxylase activity of human leukocytes
93-96 Paskevich I.F., Denisov V.M., Rukavishnikova S.M., Pakhomov V.I., Kalimanov V.G.
Biosynthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in different time periods of development in experimental myocarditis
97-99 Liutova L.V., Andreenko G.V., Shimonaeva E.E.
Stability of tissue plasminogen activator
99-102 Mishchenko V.P., Eremina E.L., Sorokina S.I., Gritsaĭ N.N., Goncharenko L.L.
Effect of jogging on lipid peroxidation, blood coagulation and anti-aggregation properties of the vascular wall
102-106 Burobin V.A., Ponomareva O.V., Nikolaeva T.G., Iurchenko N.Ya.
Biological activity of urocanic acid
106-108 Kulinskiĭ V.I., Chesmochakova E.I., Krutikova V.K.
Study of the alpha2-adrenoreactive system in man
109-111 Tsiomik V.A.
Lipid peroxidation in myocardial mitochondria and the sarcoplasmic reticulum in short-term impairment of coronary circulation
111-114 Zakharova N.B., Luk'ianov V.F.
Characteristics of hemoglycolysis in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease complicated by circulatory insufficiency
115-117 Molodtsova G.F., Popova N.K.
Monoamine oxidase in the rat brain in short-term exposure to high temperature
117-121 Ivashchenko A.T., Li T.T., Bushneva I.A.
Properties of erythrocyte anion ATPase
121-125 Kvachadze L.I., Andriashvili I.A., Chanishvili T.G., Arutiunian E.E., Nikol'skaia I.I.
Modification of the modification-restriction system in staphylococci
125-130 Belkin V.M., Kukharenko V.I., Volodarskaia S.M., Grinberg K.N., Mazurov V.I.
Changes in fibronectin biosynthesis in human embryonal fibroblasts with trisomy for chromosomes 7 and 9
130-134 Kovaleva G.G., Karmanskiĭ I.M.
Isolation and various properties of cholesterol esterase from swine liver
134-136 Prokopenko L.G.
Teaching of biochemistry in a medical school
136-142 Vinnitskaia K.B., Bol'shakova T.D.
Methods of acetylcholine determination
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