1988, Volume 34, Issue 5
2-9 Ogloblina O.G.
Biochemical mechanisms of the role of neutrophils in reactions of acute inflammation (review of the literature)
9-14 Pletsityi K.D.
Active metabolites of vitamin D as mediators of the processes of cell proliferation and differentiation. 1. Lymphocytes
14-17 Kotlovsky Yu.V., Grishanova A.Yu., Mishin V.M., Bachmanova G.I.
The role of rat liver microsomes in the metabolism of methylmethacrylate to formaldehyde
17-22 Minchenko A.G.
Characteristics of the effect of hydrocortisone on biosynthesis of mitochondrial proteins in the liver of thyroidectomized rats
23-25 Shcherbakova L.A., Tatarinov I.S., Kalashnikov V.V., Murashov V.A., Olefirenko G.O., Petrunin D.D.
Comparative immunoenzyme analysis of the fertility alpha2-microglobulin in healthy donors and in patients with gynecological malignancies
25-30 Nadol'nik L.I., Galitskii E.A., Beluga V.V., Vinogradov V.V.
Isolation and comparative characteristics of rat transcortin in normal conditions and during experimental circulatory insufficiency
30-34 Simkhovich B.Z., Meirena D.V., Shutenko Zh.V., Khagi Kh.B., Briede Ya.L., Kalvinsh I.Ya., Lukevics E.Ya.
Effect of DL-carnitine and gamma-butyrobetaine hydroxylase inhibitor 3-(2,2,2-trimethylhydrazinium) propionate on isoproterenol-induced changes in the metabolism of the rat myocardium
34-37 Gurinovich I.F., Grubina L.A., Nekrashevich S.F., Remizova R.M., Shishporenok S.I.
Quantitative and qualitative composition of porphyrins in erythrocytes of cancer patients
37-39 Zhiznevskaia N.G., Makarenko V.S.
Metabolism of proteins in the kidney during acute kidney failure
39-43 Bozhko G.Kh., Voloshin P.V., Chursina V.S.
Changes in cholesterol level and binding in guinea pig tissues during ethanol intoxication and cholesterolemia
43-46 Kuznetsov V.A., Mordvintsev P.I., Dank E.Kh., Yurkiv V.A., Vanin A.F.
Low molecular weight and protein dinitrosyl complexes of non-heme iron as inhibitors of platelet aggregation
46-49 Selivanov E.A., Viaz'menskaia M.M., Bystrova I.M.
Composition and various properties of acetylcholinesterase from human erythrocytes
49-52 Selevich M.I.
Metabolic effects of ethanol and lipid metabolism in the rat liver
53-55 Zorin N.A.
Analysis of carbohydrate components of pregnancy-associated alpha2-glycoprotein
56-58 Panin L.E., Poliakov L.M., Rozumenko A.A., Biushkina N.G.
Transport of steroid hormones by serum lipoproteins
59-62 Meerson F.Z., Iavich M.P., Rozhitskaia I.I.
The effect of emotional-pain stress on the rate of DNA synthesis in heart and liver cells
62-66 Osipovich V.K., Tupikova Z.A., Matveenko A.V., Krajnik I.V.
Syndrome of lipid hyperperoxidation in burn patients and its correction using autotransfusion of UV-irradiated blood
66-72 Kendysh I.N., Bratsev V.A., Gol'tiapin Yu.V., Klimova T.V., Smirnova T.N.
125I-n-iodophenamine as a prototype compound for the study of microsomal oxidation
72-76 Komov V.P., Spasenkova O.M., Strelkova M.A.
Proteinases in the bronchopulmonary apparatus of rats with bronchial anaphylaxis
76-79 Arkhipova L.V., Kulikov A.V., Ozolin O.N.
RNA-synthesizing activity of brain chromatin in rats with experimental alloxan diabetes
80-83 Dagis A.I., Toleykis A.I., Prashkyavichius A.K.
The state of membrane structures of heart cells during ischemia
84-87 Rzhaninova A.A., Trebukhina E.L., Prozorovsky V.N.
Isolation and characteristics of highly purifies creatine phosphokinase from the swine brain
87-91 Bondarev D.P., Kozlov N.B.
Relation between energy metabolism, Na+ and K+ levels, and Na,K-ATPase activity in erythrocytes and their volume and shape during overheating
91-93 Galkin B.N., Ershova O.N., Golovenko N.Ya., Zhilina Z.I., Oleshko T.I., Vodzinsky S.V.
Inhibition of cytochrome P-450-dependent enzymes in rat liver microsomes by tetraphenylporphyrin and its metal complexes
93-96 Storozhuk P.G., Skliar V.A., Bykov I.M.
Changes in glyceraldehydephosphate dehydrogenase, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, superoxide dismutase, and catalase activity in erythrocytes depending upon the rate of glucose utilization
96-98 Mikaelian N.P.
Interaction between insulin and its receptor in lymphocyte plasma membranes during burn trauma in rats
99-104 Prozorovskaia N.N., Glinianaia S.V., Gerashchenko L.P., Rudakov S.S., Solonichenko V.G., Delvig A.A.
Effect of therapy with beta-adrenoblockers and vitamin complexes on indices of oxyproline excretion in various hereditary connective tissue diseases
104-107 Gerasimov A.A., Bakanov M.I., Balabolkin I.I., Bershova T.V.
Correlations between lysosomal enzymes and cyclic nucleotides during allergies in children
107-110 Karelin A.A., Alekseev A.A., Globa A.G., Demidova V.S., Tsvetkov V.O.
Enzymatic production of superoxide by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes in burns
110-113 Tabagari S.I., Shubitidze T.M., Abdushelishvili G.V.
Effect of silimarine on activity of lysosomal proteinases in the liver and kidneys during tetramethylthiuram disulfide administration
114-226 Meniavtseva T.A., Ratner G.M., Limareva T.D., Masenko V.P.
The use of immunoenzyme assay for the control of specific activity of antisera against vasopressin
116-121 Krylova S.M., Sakharov I.Yu., Slinkin M.A., Savitskiy A.P., Klibanov A.L., Torchilin V.P., Berezin I.V.
A method of fluorescence immunoassay with temporal resolution and the use of europium label and polymeric complexon
121-124 Stukalov Yu.V., Orlov E.N.
Determination of retinol, alphalphalpha-tocopherol, beta-carotene and total carotenoids using high performance liquid chromatography
124-129 Rott G.M., Lapshina G.M., Rozhinskaia I.V., Letova O.A., Blinova T.V., Poverenny A.M.
Development and comparisons of information value of different methods of myoglobin determination: solid phase immunoenzyme assay and hemagglutination test
129-133 Shishkin S.N., Ostrovskii Yu.M., Pron'ko P.S.
Optimization of a method of determination of endogenous ethanol in the blood and tissues of man and experimental animals
133-137 Wagenknecht C., Barleben H., Haine H.
Significance of isoenzymes for diagnosis of myocardial infarction and methods of their analysis
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