1997, Volume 43, Issue 6
433-439 Squires Richard F.
The discovery of monoamine oxidases A and B
440-456 Singer T.P., Yankovskaya V.L., Bernard S.S., Cronin C.C., Sablin S.O.
Isolation and characterization of an evolutionary precursor of human MAO A and B
457-470 Ramsay R.R.
Mechanistic studies on MAO - implications for the A and A forms in situ
471-481 Medvedev A.E., Tipton K.F.
Oxidate modification of monoamine oxidase activities
482-493 Knoll J.
The history of (-)deprenyl the first selective inhibitor of type b monoamine oxidase
494-503 Tipton K.F.
Inhibitors of monoamine oxidase and the pressor response to dietary amines
504-514 Magyar K.
The effect of selegiline against selective neurotoxins
515-521 Glover V., Medvedev A.E., Sandler M.
Isatin: possible role in the functional interaction of natriuretic peptides and monoamines
522-526 Oxenkrug G.F.
N-acetylserotonin and the hypotensive effect of MAO-A inhibitors
527-536 Veselovsky A.V., Ivanov A.S., Medvedev A.E.
Use of selective inhibitors for computer modeling of the monoamine oxidase active site
537-547 Pino R., Lyles G.A.
Influences of semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase activity and cellular glutathione upon cytotoxic effects of allylamine, acrolein and formaldehyde in human cultured endothelial cells
548-552 Lapin I.P.
GABA-ergic system in protection against excitatory kynurenines
553-565 Raevsky K.S.
Dopamine receptors in the brain: structure, functional role, modulation by psycoactive drugs
566-575 Lukasheva E.V., Rubtsova M.Ju., Kovba G.V., Berezov T.T., Egorov A.M.
Co-immobilization of L-lysine alpha-oxidase and peroxidase on porous membrane carriers
576-583 Squires R.F., Saederup E.E.
Novel GABAA receptor blockers: an attempt to find more potent clozapine-like selective GABA antagonists
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