1994, Volume 40, Issue 6
Proceedings of the symposium Pathways of Extracellular Signal Transmission. Zvenigorod, May 17-19, 1993
2-5 Belozerskaia T.A., Sokolovskiĭ V.Yu., Kritskiĭ M.S.
Cyclic nucleotides and membrane electrogenesis in cell differentiation in Neurospora crassa
5-7 Kakushkina M.L.
The role of the phase state of membrane lipids associated with intracellular signal transduction
7-10 Galkin A.A., Tumanov E.A., Timin E.N., Misochko I.V., Karelin A.A.
The effect of second messengers on neutrophil movement
10-13 Saatov T.S., Iakovleva N.N.
Isolation and characteristics of the thyroxine membrane receptor
13-17 Kulinskiĭ V.I.
Protectors of receptor action under extreme conditions
17-20 Cherkasova T.D., Iurkiv V.A.
Features of regulatory system function in platelets under the effect of plague toxin
20-25 D'iakonova T.L., Reutov V.P.
Nitrites block the Ca-dependent habituation of neurons at the level of an electroexcitable membrane: a possible role for nitric oxide
25-26 Komissarova L.Kh., Reutov V.P., Komissarov A.L.
The possibility of using certain antioxidants for reducing ferriheme
27-31 Reutov V.P., Sorokina E.G., Pinelis V.G., Korshunova T.S., Rodionov A.A., Komissarova L.Kh., Koshelev V.B., Strukova S.M., Kaiushin L.P., Brake P.
Do nitrite ions participate in regulating systems of intra- and intercellular signalling?
31-35 Reutov V.P., Sorokina E.G., Kaiushin L.P.
The nitric oxide cycle in mammals and nitrite reducing activity of heme-containing proteins
35-37 Gribanov G.A., Pankrushina A.N., Fedorovskiĭ I.V.
Changes in ATPase activity in tissues and mitochondria of some steroid-producing rat organs during autolysis
37-39 Kucherenko A.G., Zadkova G.F., Markov Kh.M., Poleshchuk V.S.
Renal prostanoids in experimental diabetes mellitus
39-41 Gulieva S.A., Amrakhova L.G.
The effect of iodine-bromine-containing water from the naphthalene water layer on lipid peroxidation in homogenates of tissue from intact rat internal organs
41-44 Vrzhesinskaia O.A., Kodentsova V.M., Kharitonchik L.A., Alekseeva I.A., Risnik V.V., Spirichev V.B.
Refining criteria for providing the body with vitamin B2
45-48 Kodentsova V.M., Kharitonchik L.A., Vrzhesinskaia O.A., Abramova E.I., Shumilova S.L., Spirichev V.B.
Refining criteria for providing adults and 12-14 year old children with vitamins B1 and B2
48-53 Mzhel'skaia T.I., Ivanova-Smolenskaia I.A., Korobova N.V.
Factors affecting the concentration of serum ceruloplasmin in Wilson-Konovalov disease
54-57 Akopian A.A., Arutiunian M.V., Agavelian A.M.
The role of monoamine oxidase in large intestine pathology
57-60 Savchenko A.A., Dogadin S.A., Nozdrachev K.G.
Activity of lymphocyte NAD(P)-dependent dehydrogenase and level of hormones in the blood of healthy people and patients with recurrent acute respiratory diseases
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