1991, Volume 37, Issue 1
2-8 Berman A.E.
Methodological aspects of current research in the areas of biosynthesis and roles of intercellular substance proteins (review)
8-12 Iarovaia E.B., Metel'skaia V.A., Perova N.V.
A mathematical model of apolipoprotein B metabolism in human blood plasma
13-16 Adylova A.T., Umarova B.D., Atakhanova B.A., Sharkova E.V., Nikol'skaia I.I., Debov S.S.
The effect of thyroid hormones on DNA methylation in rat liver in vivo and in vitro
16-19 Svirnovskiĭ A.I., Tsygankov V.G., Ageĭchik V.M., Shimanskaia T.V.
Strength of nucleic acid-protein interactions and synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins in the cell
19-21 Likhova St.S., Likhodii S.St., Sibel'dina L.A.
The effect of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid on the reaction rate of phosphate-containing metabolites in the rat brain during ischemia estimated from (31)P-NMR spectroscopic data
21-23 Lelevich V.V.
Function of the pentosephosphate pathway in the rat brain during one-time administration of various doses of ethanol
23-26 Val'dman B.M., Volchegorskii I.A., Puzhevskii A.S., Iarovinskii B.G., Lifshits R.I.
Middle-molecular peptides in blood as endogenous regulators of lipid peroxidation in the normal state and during thermal burns
26-28 Kubarko A.I., Pereverzev V.A., Balakleevskiĭ A.I., Gomolko N.N.
Analysis of changes in serotonin, histamine, and prostaglandin E2 levels in cerebrospinal fluid and body tissues during hyperthermia of various origins
28-31 Zubareva E.V., Seferova R.I., Denisova N.A.
Change in the lipid composition of the inner mitochondrial membranes in rat organs during adaptation to heat
31-33 Loginov A.S., Matiushin B.N., Tkachev V.D.
Enzyme system for dismutation of active forms of oxygen in the liver during chronic impairment of the hepatobiliary system
33-36 Andreichin M.A., Pogorila M.A., Vasil'eva N.A., Shenkman B.Z.
Diagnostic significance of determining gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase and alkaline phosphatase activity in blood serum and bile in viral hepatitis B and in bile duct inflammation
36-38 Pentiuk A.A., Gutsol V.I., Bogdanov N.G.
Biotransformation and toxicity of xenobiotics in various routes of administration of vitamin A into the rat body
39-41 Modenova O.A., Korolev A.A., Nikitina Z.K., Doktorov A.A.
Study of a series of enzyme systems and ultrastructure of rat liver in iron-manganese poisoning
42-43 Blokh K.O., Poltorak V.V., Blokh O.V.
Study of diabetogenic and lympholytic effects during single and fractional administration of streptozotocin to mice of the mutant strain C57BL/KsIY-db/m
44-46 Veremeenko K.N., Varetskaia T.V., Kizim A.I., Svital'skaia L.A.
Production of a fibrinogen concentrate from small amounts of human autologous blood plasma and its short-term characteristics
46-49 Shilina N.M., Kon' I.Ya.
The effect of vitamin A on the glycoprotein fraction composition of rat plasma
49-51 Kuznetsova N.P., Gudkin L.R., Mishaeva R.N., Stragovich L.M., Samsonov G.V., Selivanov E.A., Bystrova I.M., Gerbut K.A., Molokovskaia I.E., Kochetygov N.I.
Study of oligohemoglobin solutions in vitro and in vivo
52-53 Riumina E.V., Galevskaia L.V., Shcherbak I.G.
The effect of plasmin on complement in human blood serum
53-56 Zakharova N.B., Khvostova N.V., Shvedova R.F.
The significance of disruption of erythrocyte membrane protein and lipid composition on the development of a decrease in blood flow properties under extreme conditions
56-58 Men'shchikova E.B., Zenkov N.K., Azbel' D.I., Safronov I.D.
The effect of UV-radiation on the metabolic activity of human blood granulocytes
58-59 Cheshchevik A.B., Shuliakovskaia S.M., Ivanova N.S., Manak N.A., Atroshchenko E.S., Karpova I.S., Lapko E.V.
Bioenergetic processes in erythrocytes from patients with stable stenocardia
59-63 Ioffina D.I., Smirnov I.E., Gorkin V.Z.
Changes in kinetics of deaminated biogenic amines in spontaneous hypertension
63-65 Maslova L.V., Lishmanov Yu.B., Smagin G.N.
Participation of opioid peptides in regulating the biosynthesis of myocardial protein during stress and adaptation
65-67 Karelin A.A., Shumova E.A., Globa A.G., Zaĭtseva N.V., Titov M.I.
Accumulation of ATP by plasma membrane preparations enriched by particles from hypophyseal cells under the effect of thyrotropin-releasing hormone
67-70 Galagan M.E., Shirokolava A.V., Vanin A.F.
The hypotensive effect of nitrogen oxide obtained from exogenous and endogenous sources
70-71 Ostrovtsova S.A., Strumilo S.A.
Kinetic properties of lipoamide dehydrogenase of the oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex of the human heart
72-74 Prozorovskaia N.N., Kozlov E.A., Prokhorova T.A., Gorokhova T.A., Prozorovskiĭ V.N., Del'vig A.A.
Physiological changes in pyridinoline excretion in urine depending on age and sex
74-77 Tsvetkova I.V., Karpova E.A., Voznyĭ Ya.V., Zolotukhina T.V., Biriukov V.B., Semiachkina A.N.
Use of 4-methylumbelliferryl-alpha-L-iduronide and 4-trifluoromethylumbelliferryl-alpha-L-iduronide for detecting alpha-L-iduronidase deficiencies in human tissue and for rapid prenatal diagnosis of Hurler disease
77-79 Kashnikova L.N., Iaroshchuk G.V., Panasiuk A.F., Grozdova M.D.
The effect of cyclic nucleotides on the specific binding of estradiol by skin fibroblasts in the normal state and in systemic scleroderma
79-82 Khyshiktuev B.S., Ivanov V.N., Zhits M.Z.
The status of free radical processes in the pulmonary surfactant system in chronic bronchitis patients
82-84 Puzach S.S.
The presence of antithiamine factor--thiaminase--in organs of random-bred albino rats and mice
85-86 Ashmarin I.P., Liapina L.A., Pastorova V.E., Kudriashov B.A.
The effect of regulatory peptides with various biological activity on the fibrin polymerization process and non-enzymatic fibrinolysis. Hypophyseal and hypophthalamic hormones, liberin, ACTH, and its analogs
86-89 Volchegorskiĭ I.A., Skobeleva N.A., Lifshits R.I.
A modified method for spectrophotometry determination of monoamine oxidase activity with benzylamine as the substrate
89-92 Poliakov L.M., Poteriaeva O.N., Panin L.E.
Determination of apoprotein A-1 by immunoenzyme analysis
92-94 Kisel'gof E.I.
The correctness of assessing the excretion of cyclic nucleotides in urine from rats of various ages
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