1996, Volume 42, Issue 3
179-184 Pankov Yu.A.
Are all human and animal organs and tissues endocrine and do they secrete piptide hormones in blood?
184-192 Golikov P.P.
Receptor mechanisms of glucocorticoid and antiglucocorticoid effect
193-202 Kogan A.Kh., Grachev S.V., Eliseeva S.V., Bolevich S.S.
Ability of CO2 to inhibit the generation of superoxide anion-radical by cells and its biomedical importance
203-210 Zgoda V.G., Karuzina I.I., Nikityuk O.W., Archakov A.I.
Oxidative modification of apoenzyme of cytochrome P450 during its catalytic self-inactivation in the reconstituted monooxifgenase system
211-216 Smirnova I.P., Alekseev S.B., Berezov T.T.
Study of the mechanism of interaction between hiv-infection and autoimmunity
217-222 Astakhova L.F., Mukhambetova L.H., Koganova Z.I., Dolinskaya S.I., Kazachkov V.I., Zhurkov V.S.
Experimental study of formaldehyde action on the enzyme activity of rat liver during ontogenesis
223-226 Markova M.S., Golubev M.A., Gorodetsky V.K., Belyaeva N.F., Viktorova L.N., Korovkin B.F.
Some peculiarities of the liver tissue fructose 2,6-bisphosphate system in experimental streptozocin diabetes
227-231 Shurygin A.Ya., Myrinova M.Yu., Zlishcheva E.I.
Some biochemical indexes of wound process under the action of preparation SK
231-233 Sipovsky V.G.
Ultracytochemical study of the activities of some phosphatases in the early postmortem period of experimental animals
234-239 Bulatov A.A., Osipova T.A., Makarovskaya E.E.
Comparison of biological activity of high and low molecular forms of immunoreactive prolactin of human blood serum in NB2 lymphoma cell culture
240-245 Podobed O.V., Prozorovskaya N.N., Kozlov E.A., Tsvetkova T.A., Vozdvidzhensky C.I., Delvig A.A.
Comparative study of collagen in hypertrophic and keloid scars
245-248 Kajumov T.Kh., Movlanov I.R.
Physico-chemical properties of the lung surfactants after the resection of the stomach and cholecystectomia
248-253 Andreasyan G.O., Malykh Ya.N., Dyatlovitskaya E.V.
Ceramides and gangliosides from bening and malignant tumors of human ovary
253-262 Kudinova N.V., Kudinov A.R., Berezov T.T.
The amiloid beta protein in normal human plasma and cerebrospinal fluid is associated with high density lipoproteins
263-267 Korshunova T.S., Nikitenko N.Yu., Ivanova-Smolenskaia I.A., Nikolskaya N.N.
Endorphines and neurotensin in Huntington`s disease
268-269 Yarovaya G.A.
To the memory of T.S. Paskhina
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