1988, Volume 34, Issue 3
2-7 Buglanov A.A.
Iron metabolism and metalloproteins (review)
7-15 Aleksandrovskiĭ Ia.A.
The role of inhibitors of the complement activation system in the pathogenesis and therapy of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (review)
16-18 Cheshchevik A.B.
Hypoinsulinemia and bioenergetic processes in the rat cerebral cortex
18-21 Bezrukavnikova L.M., Arkhipova O.G., Neifakh E.A., Burlakova E.B.
Impairment of lipid peroxidation control in patients with dust-induced lung diseases
21-25 Gusina N.B., Tsukerman G.L.
Lysosomal hydrolase activity of the plasma and leukocytes of homo- and heterozygotes with various types of I-cell disease
25-27 Kushner V.P.
Amino acid specificity of the phosphoprotein kinase activity of various fractions of non-histone chromatin proteins from the kidney, hepatoma and liver of rats after a single dose of diethylnitrosamine
28-29 Shimonaeva E.E., Andreenko G.V.
Determination of the plasminogen level in rat plasma
30-34 Nikiforova T.N., Apukhovskaia L.I., Ivashkevich S.P.
Erythrocyte membrane proteins in experimental D-hypovitaminosis
34-39 Magerovskiĭ Iu.V., Monastyrskiĭ V.A., Gaĭda A.V., Birka I.I., Voroniak M.I.
Partial purification of tissue thromboplastin by the gel filtration method and its use for reproducing the generalized decompensated thrombinogenesis syndrome
39-42 Doroshkevich N.A., Mandrik K.A., Vinogradov V.V.
Palmitoyl-CoA-dehydrogenase from rabbit adrenals, liver and myocardium
42-45 Goncharenko M.S., Kondakova A.K., Brodskaia O.M.
The state of calcium homeostasis in the blood in patients with psoriasis during a period of enhanced epidermopoiesis
45-48 Lychko A.P., Pentiuk A.A., Lutsiuk N.B.
Metabolism and toxicity of various xenobiotics in vitamin B1 deficiency and after administration of thiamine and thiamine diphosphate
48-51 Frol'kis V.V., Kul'chitskii O.K., Yasechko A.V.
Cyclic nucleotide levels, adenylate cyclase activity and membrane potential of the gastrocnemius muscle fibers following denervation in adult and old rats
51-53 Tvorogova M.G., Ozerova I.N., Nechaev A.S., Zholus N.N., Perova N.V.
Activity of main enzyme reactions of lipoprotein metabolism in the plasma of patients with ischemic heart disease
53-59 Volkova Z.I., Astakhova T.A., Trofimova T.M., Mul'diiarov P.Ia.
Glycosaminoglycans and beta-glucuronidase in peripheral blood cells and biological fluids of patients with rheumatoid arthritis
59-61 Agaev T.M., Kurbanova G.A.
The effect of early visual deprivation on the synthesis of glutamic and aspartic acids in mitochondria of central structures of the visual analyzer in the dog
62-64 Shugalei V.S., Ananian A.A., Koz'min V.V.
A system of liver microsomal oxidation in hypoxia and hyperoxia
64-67 Lider V.A.
The effect of vitamin K on the activity of glycolysis and pentose phosphate cycle enzymes
67-71 Tikhonova N.E., Kuchuk E.M.
The effect of altitude on insulin binding by erythrocytes in experimental alloxan diabetes
71-74 Bershteĭn L.M., Kovaleva I.G., Pravosudov I.V.
Amplification of the heterologous response of adenylate cyclase in colonic tumors: relation to tissue lipid composition
74-78 Vavilova T.P., Larionova N.I., Petrovich Yu.A.
Inhibitors of trypsin-like proteinases in human mixed saliva
78-81 Zorin N.A.
Paradoxical reactions of sulfated glycosaminoglycans with human serum proteins
81-84 Karaseva T.L., Tsapenko Zh.N., Golovenko N.Ia., Timofeeva S.E., Luk'ianenko N.G.
Gamma-aminobutyric acid metabolism in the rat brain after administration of nootropic agents
85-90 Gorshkova I.N., Noeva E.A., Polesskiĭ V.A., Perova N.V., Ruuge E.K.
A study of thermoinduced changes in human high-density lipoproteins in hypo-alpha-lipoproteinemia and ischemic heart disease by the spin label method
90-93 Kudriashov B.A., Liapina L.A., Shishkina M.A., Azieva L.D.
Characteristics of a heparin-inhibiting spleen protein factor
94-96 Telushkin P.K., Filippov S.P.
Enzyme activity and substrate levels of the Krebs cycle in the brain tissue of rats with insulin-induced hypoglycemia and during the recovery period
97-100 Zaĭdenberg M.A., Andreev V.I.
Differences between collagens of the the interstitial type and their effect on the biosynthesis of DNA and RNA and activity of various enzymes in biopsy specimens of wound tissues in rats
101-107 Rakhimov M.M., Almatov K.T., Mirtalipov D.T., Kasimova G.M., Khodzhaeva N.I., Abdushukurov A.A., Gorbataya O.N.
Formation of phosphatidylethanol in alcoholic intoxication
107-110 Karsakevich A.S., Kinstler O.B., Dauvarte A.Zh., Vina I.A.
High molecular weight L-asparaginase derivatives based on a water-soluble carboxymethyl cellulose: biological properties
110-113 Uteulin K.R., Dzhakelova S.A., Ivashchenko A.T., Kusainova N.I.
Hydrophobic properties of various phosphohydrolases
113-116 Chestkov V.V., Laptev A.V., Shchepkina Yu.V.
Immunochemical detection of phenylalanine hydroxylase in extracts of various human organs
117-120 Krakovskii M.E., Ashirmetov A.Kh., Komarin A.S., Faingol'd D.Ya.
State of the microsomal oxidative system of the rat liver in acute intestinal obstruction
120-124 Davletov E.G., Karelin A.A., Kamilov F.Kh.
Changes in the cyclic nucleotide system during experimental burns in immature rats
124-126 Olefirenko G.A., Petrunin D.D., Tatarinov Yu.S., Shcherbakova L.A., Murashov V.A.
Preparative isolation of human fertility alpha 1-microglobulin using ion-exchange chromatography
127-131 Nemtsova E.R., Utkin M.M., Iakubovskaia R.I.
Immunochemical comparison of lactoferrin of human milk and lactoferrin of neutrophils
131-135 Riabinin V.E., Lifshits R.I., Kazarian G.Kh.
The rate of synthesis of proteins, nucleic acids and peptides in experimental burn toxemia
136-139 Morozov V.I., Priiatkin S.A., Isakova T.I., Lushchitskaia I.M., Rogozkin V.A.
Radioimmunological analysis of 17 beta-estradiol and the effect of physical exertion on its levels in human blood
139-142 Zakharov S.F., Gromov P.S., Shishkin S.S.
Two-dimensional electrophoresis of human erythrocyte membrane proteins in the presence of triton X-305
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