1989, Volume 35, Issue 3
2-9 Aĭdarkhanov B.B., Lokshina E.A., Lenskaia E.G.
Molecular aspects of the mechanism of anti-oxidant activity of vitamin E: features of the action of alpha- and gammalphalpha-tocopherol
9-18 Obraztsov V.V., Grishanova A.Yu., Mishin V.M.
Induction of microsomal monooxygenase by completely fluorinated organic compounds (review)
18-24 Lankin V.Z., Vikhert A.M., Tikhaze A.K., Sogoian S.M., Bondar' T.N.
The role of lipid peroxidation in the etiology and pathogenesis of atherosclerosis (review)
25-28 Kal'nova N.Yu.
Antioxidative activity as an index of an oncological disease severity. Effect of radiotherapy on the anti-oxidative activity in tissues and blood cells
28-30 Kosnikova I.V.
Activity of the pentosephosphate pathway of glucose metabolism in ischemized skeletal muscles in humans and animals
30-32 Krylov Yu.F., Kononenkko T.L., Smirnov P.A., Tigranian R.A., Kalita N.F., Melkonian A.G.
Change in carbohydrate metabolism, secretion of insulin and glucagon in normoglycemic rats during administration of various doses of nicotinamide
33-36 Mel'nik E.I., Tsirenina M.L., Ushakov A.N., Koltovaia N.A., Bobrova O.V., Krachkov B.V., Smol'nikova N.M., Ostrovskaya R.U.
Various biochemical indicators in prenatally alcoholized rats
36-41 Medvedeva N.V., Morozkin A.D., Goroshkova I.N., Ruuge E.K., Shcherbakova I.A., Perova N.V., Lyakishev A.A.
Low density lipoprotein distribution by flotation characteristics in normal conditions and in dyslipoproteinemias
42-47 Kasimova G.M., Mirtalipov D.T., Abidov A.A., Akbarov Z.S.
Erythrocyte lipids in diabetes mellitus with vascular involvement
47-51 Kovaleva G.G., Karmanskiĭ I.M.
The effect of cholesterol esterase on low density lipoproteins. The effect of modified lipoproteins on the accumulation of cholesterol in cultured cells
51-54 Pasechnikov V.D.
Lipid peroxidation, the enzyme antioxidative system and acid phosphatase content of the gastric mucosa in stomach ulcer
55-58 Ershikov S.M.
Intensity of gluconeogenesis in the rat liver in the recovery period after long-term hypokinesis
58-59 Natanzon L.V., Galaev I.V.
The effect of bacterial endotoxin on the activity of liver mitochondria monoamine oxidase
60-63 Rashkovetskiĭ L.G., Prozorovskiĭ V.N., Korovkin B.F.
Isolation and immunochemical properties of LDG-5 from swine muscle
64-68 Petrichenko I.E., Shartava A.Sh., Shakhov Yu.A.
Mechanism of activating the lymphocyte glucocorticoid receptor in acute myocardial infarct
68-71 Pashintseva L.P., Gudima S.O., Kozyreva E.A., Voronov A.V., Mierinia A.A., Bassalyk L.S., Vengerov Yu.Yu., Votrin I.I.
Placental alkaline phosphatase as a marker of malignant neoplasms
71-75 Romantsev F.E., Prozorovskiĭ V.N., Kozlov E.A., Karpov D.A., Trebukhina E.L., Rzhaninova A.A.
Determination of the amino acid composition of cartilage and creatine phosphokinase isoenzymes with the use of phenylthiocarbamyl amino acid derivatives
76-80 Kulinskiĭ V.I., Chesmochakova E.I.
Catecholamine complex-adrenoreactive system of various subtypes in various forms of bronchial asthma in children
80-82 Mizina T.Yu.
Hypoglycemic effect of thymosine in an animal experiment
83-87 Khatsernova B.Ya., Silaeva S.A., Golenchenko V.A., Nikolaev A.Ya., Rozkin M.Ya., Nekrasov A.V., Berestetskaya T.Z., Efimov V.S.
Heparin and its antagonist--a quaternary ammonium salt of oligomer-25-conidine: distribution in subcellular organelles, effect on DNA synthesis in the regenerating rat liver
87-91 Vengerovskiĭ A.I., Saratikov A.S.
The effect of hepatotoxins on the activity of organelle-specific enzymes and metabolism of liver lipids
92-96 Dvorianinovich L.N.
Change in nucleic acid synthesis in the spleen of rats with acute deficit of vitamin B1 during immunogenesis
96-100 Chiriat'ev E.A., Leonova O.P., Byshevskii A.Sh.
Amino acid composition and properties of fibrin self-assembly inhibitors
100-103 Titarenko O.T., Tikhodeev S.A., Perova T.L., Lipskaia E.A.
Biochemical criteria of the inflammatory process in spinal osteomyelitis
103-108 Kudriashov B.A., Liapina L.A., Kokriakov V.N., Azieva L.D., Pigarevskiĭ V.E., Aleshina G.M., Ashmarin I.P.
Cationic proteins from neutrophils as inhibitors of nonenzymatic fibrinolytic and anticoagulant activity of blood plasma
108-112 Miroshnikov V.M.
Acute phase pregnancy-zone proteins in the diagnosis of thermal injury of the skin
112-116 Gonchar N.A., Grebenshchikova O.G., Zaslavskaia N.V.
Modification of micrococcal histidine decarboxylase with tetranitromethane
117-120 Kaliunov V.N., Petrusenko G.P., Fomichenko K.V.
The effect of nerve growth factor, guanethidine and their combined use on nuclease activity in animal tissues
120-125 Karelin A.A., Demidova V.S., Globa A.G., Marchuk A.I., Vtiurin B.V.
Interleukin 2-stimulated formation of ATP in T cell particles enriched with plasma membranes
125-129 Tikhonov Yu.V., Meĭsner I.S., Pimenov A.M., Toguzov R.T.
Features of purine compound metabolism in hepatoma 22, mouse liver and erythrocytes during tumor development
129-132 Kulagin Yu.I., Levachev M.M., Siurin A.A., Lupinovich V.L.
Peroxidation and features of fatty acid composition of cell membrane lipids in patients with hypertension
133-136 Trubitsyna N.V., Mikheev A.M., Berezin V.A., Efimov O.E., Privalova L.I.
An analysis of blood serum proteins in chronic alcoholism patients by a cross immunoelectrophoresis method
136-139 Rashkovetsky L.G., Noskov F.S., Prozorovsky V.N., Korovkin B.F.
Preparation of a staphylococcal immunosorbent sensitized by antibodies to the M-subunit of LDH
139-143 Korzhova L.P., Frolova E.V., Romakov Yu.A.
A spectrofluorometric method of recording oxidation products of eumelanin destruction
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