1993, Volume 39, Issue 6
2-5 Burmistrov S.O.
The role of free radical reactions in the effect of ethanol on the central nervous system
6-10 Zhigacheva I.V., Vlasova M.E., Kaplan E.Ya., Pakhomov V.Yu.
Anphen and energy status of the animal body
10-13 Karelin A.A., Demidova V.S., Marchuk A.I.
The connection between insulin-dependent biosynthesis of cell membrane signal ATP with amiloride-sensitive Na+/H+-metabolism in human erythrocytes
13-15 Golubev M.A., Markova M.S., Stvolinskaia N.S.
Level of fructose-2,6-bisphosphate and activity of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase in hepatocyte suspensions in streptozotocin diabetes
16-20 Gurevich S.M., Vartanian L.S., Nagler L.G.
Disorders in metabolism of superoxide radicals in tumor-bearing mice during development of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma and their normalization under the effect of ruboxyl
20-22 Borinskiĭ Yu.N., Paramonova I.V., Kornyshev S.N.
Lipid spectra of various zones of the myocardium, damaged by infarct, as a reflection of its metabolic and functional activity in the period preceding the lethal outcome of the illness
23-26 Vetoshkina T.V., Dubskaia T.Yu.
The role of disruption of lipid metabolism in mechanisms of the hepatotoxic effects of cisplatin
26-28 Taran T.T., Kosterin S.A.
The effect of Ca2+ and Mg2+ on the superprecipitation reaction and activity of actomyosin ATPase in the myometrium
28-31 Nilova N.S., Polezhaeva L.N.
Rat brain lipid peroxidation system under conditions of emotional-pain stress of varying duration
31-34 Gil'miiarova F.N., Radomskaia V.M., Vinogradova L.N., Babichev A.V., Samykina L.N., Panchenko L.F.
Features of metabolism of the human myocardium during alcoholic intoxication
34-36 Mogil'nitskaia L.V., Prokof'ev V.N., An Fan, Zhogolev V.V.
The effect of hypoxia on membrane status and lipid peroxidation in rat lungs and blood
36-39 Petrin I.N., Dolgikh V.T., Krolevets I.P.
The use of sodium gamma-oxybutyrate and gutimine for decreasing metabolic disorders in the heart, caused by exotoxic shock in acetic acid poisoning
40-42 Safarian Z.S., Piloian A.G., Oganisian A.I., Akopian T.N.
Level of peptides in blood serum in experimental traumatic illness
42-47 Karsanov N.V., Tatulashvili D.R., Sukoian G.V., Kuchava L.T.
Disruption of chemomechanical coupling in cardiomyocyte myofibrils in L-tyroxine toxicosis and athyreosis
47-49 Gracheva L.I., Kuznetsova L.S.
The effect of stretching on mechanical chemical characteristics of tissues from elongated extremities
49-51 Kalinin Iu.A., Tatarinov Iu.S., Terent'ev A.A.
Immunoenzyme analysis of chorionic prealbumin in blood serum from donors and pregnant women
51-54 Askerova T.A., Movsum-zade K.M., Kichibekov B.R.
Detection of combined forms of hemoglobino- and enzymopathies in newborns
54-57 Mironov P.I., Vakhitov V.A., Davletov E.G.
Isoprotein composition of alpha 1-antitrypsin, haptoglobin, transferrin, and lipid peroxidation in the blood in inflammatory lung diseases in children
57-60 Mukhambetova L.Kh., Nasonova A.A., Dolinskaia S.I.
Activity of the xenobiotic metabolism system under the effect of chemical pollution of the atmosphere and water
60-62 Melkonian M.M.
Regulation of lipid metabolism in blood of weaving shop workers (noise level of about 90 dB A) by alphalphalpha-tocopherol acetate
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