1987, Volume 33, Issue 1
2-13 Cherniad'eva I.F., Titov V.N.
Apoproteins mediating the efferent transport of cholesterol in the blood (review of the literature)
13-18 Megrabian Z.B., Nalbandian R.M.
Copper-containing amine oxidases of blood vessels (review of the literature)
19-21 Kul'chitskiĭ O.K.
Effect of hepatectomy on liver adenylate cyclase activity in rats of various ages
21-25 Mkhitarian L.S.
Ion-transport system and various components of sarcolemma structure during acute myocardial ischemia
25-29 Iakushev V.S., Mironova E.V., Kuripka V.I.
Calcium balance in myocardial necrosis and the role of stress in its disorders
29-33 Podosinnikov I.S., Zozuliakova S.V., Chukhlovina M.L., Polushkina L.I., Zalkind L.G.
Effect of thymectomy on activity of key enzymes of gluconeogenesis in the rat liver
33-40 Krauialis K.I., Diashrius A.P., Ulinskaĭte A.P.
Interaction of glucocorticoids with receptors of rat liver cells during the growth of Walker carcinosarcoma
40-43 Zhmurov V.A., Krylov V.I., Petrushina A.D.
Effect of antioxidants and miscleron on destabilization of cell membranes during nephritis in children
43-47 Zarembskiĭ R.A., Beliakov N.A., Shershneva L.K., Obolenskiĭ S.V.
The state of the blood kallikrein-kinin system in acute lung diseases
47-50 Golikov P.P., Davydov B.V., Matveev S.B.
Mechanisms of activation of lipid peroxidation and mobilization of the endogenous antioxidant alphalphalpha-tocopherol in stress
51-54 Sumarokov D.D.
Effect of acid extraction on the osteogenic activity of bone tissue
54-59 Basis V.Yu., Bumialis V.A., Kotova T.S.
Purification of human alpha-1-protease inhibitor and production of antisera for its immunochemical determination
59-62 Maslov L.N.
Changes in brain energy metabolism in experimental cerebral hemorrhage
62-66 Plotnikova E.K., Golovenko N.Ia., Zin'kovskii V.G., Luk'ianenko N.G., Zhuk O.V.
Transport and metabolism of a membrane-active complexon in the mouse body
66-69 Iagodin G.A., Iurtov E.V., Guseva T.V.
Extraction of lipoprotein components with emulsions
70-72 Oparin D.A., Zimatkina T.I., Ostrovskiĭ I.M.
Advantages of oxythiamine bromide as a specific inhibitor of activity of thiamine-dependent enzymes
72-75 Tishenina R.S.
Level of substances reacting with 2-thiobarbituric acid in the plasma of healthy people and patients with various endocrine diseases
75-78 Sééne T.P., Alev K.P., Pékhme A.Ya.
Effect of increased functional activity of skeletal muscles on the turnover rate of heavy and light chains in myosin
79-84 Desiatnichenko K.A., Baldin I.P., Shreĭner A.A., Bakhlykov I.N., Izotova S.P.
Effect of the high molecular weight fraction of non-collagenous bone tissue protein on osteogenesis and hematopoiesis in experimental elongation of an extremity
84-87 Nikandrov V.N., Pyzhova N.S., Votiakov V.I.
Effect of organic solvents on streptokinase-initiated fibrinolysis
88-91 Dmitriev A.D., Tennov A.V., Tsutsul'kovskaia M.Ia., Beliaev B.S., Kizim E.A.
Radioimmunological assay of plasma levels of alpha-gamma-endorphins in healthy donors and patients with endogenous depression
91-96 Nikiforovskaia L.F., Ivanova L.N.
Glycosaminoglycans and glycan hydrolases in the kidney of rats with hereditary diabetes insipidus
96-100 Kotlovskiĭ I.V., Gutkina N.I., Guliaeva L.M., Dovgiĭ A.I., Andrianov N.V.
Effect of acrylates on the level and isozyme composition of cytochrome P-450 in rat liver microsomes
100-107 Sergeev I.N., Blazheevich N.V., Kaplanskiĭ A.S., Shvets V.N., Belakovskiĭ M.S.
Comparative study of the effect of 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D3 and 24,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on calcium homeostasis and bone tissue state in rats during hypokinesia
107-111 Levitskiĭ A.P., Kozlianina N.P., Skliar V.E.
Lipid peroxidation and antioxidant systems in cat periodontal tissues
111-115 Stan E.Ya., Ekimovskiĭ A.P.
A peptide bioregulator from bovine kappa-casein
116-118 Zlatopol'skii A.D., Zaidenberg M.A., Berman A.E., Mazurov V.I., Karelin A.A.
Fibronectin fragmentation unmasks the activity stimulating DNA and RNA biosynthesis in granulation tissue cells in vitro
118-122 Gavrilov V.B., Gavrilova A.R., Mazhul' L.M.
Methods of determining lipid peroxidation products in the serum using a thiobarbituric acid test
122-127 Arkhipenko I.V., Dzhaparidze L.M., Gutkin D.V., Rozhitskaia I.I., Spirichev V.B.
Comparative evaluation of the effect of vitamin E deficiency on lipid peroxidation and Ca2+ transport in heart and skeletal muscles
127-132 Berezov T.T., Lukasheva E.V., Smirnova I.P.
Determination of L-amino acid oxidase activity
133-138 Toguzov R.T., Tikhonov I.V., Pimenov A.M., Novikova T.E., Meĭsner I.S.
Determination of purine and pyrimidine derivatives in acid-soluble fractions of organs and tissues using high-performance reverse-phase ion-pair chromatography
138-140 Belousova L.V., Fedosov S.N., Moskvitina E.L., Grinio L.P., Rafanov V.S.
Potentiometric method for determining serum creatine kinase activity
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