2000, Volume 46, Issue 6
531-548 Sokolov N.N., Zanin V.A., Alexandrova S.S.
Bacterial L-asparaginase and glutamin(asparagin)ase: some properties, structure and anti-tumor activity
549-563 Chekhonin V.P., Gurina O.I., Dmitrieva T.B., Semenova A.V., Savchenko E.A.
Myelinbasic protein. Structure, physico-chemical properties, biological function and diagnostic significance for the demyelinating diseases
564-573 Pluzhnikov N.N., Tyaptin A.A., Lupachyov Yu.A., Zemlyanoy A.V., Varlashova M.B., Torkounov P.A., Novosyolova N.Yu.
Bloodand lung antioxidant system of rats with the toxic pulmonary edema
574-580 Kozak M.V.
Sexual differences between plasma peroxidation patterns in normal rats, after gonadectomy and alphalphalpha-tocopherol treatment
581-590 Nikolaeva S.S., Kim Zong Chhol, Bykov V.A., Roshina A.A., Yakovleva L.V., Korolyova O.A., Omelianenko N.P., Rebrov L.B.
Water- exchange processes in hyaline cartilage and in its major components in normal and osteoarthrosis cartilage
591-596 Paranich A.V., Lad S. N., Frolova N. A., Snegurskaya I.A., Koval S. N.
Impairments of antioxidative homeostasis in patients with arterial hypertension: implications for pathogenesis
597-609 Dudnik L.B., Viksna L. M., Majore A.J.
Intensity of lipid peroxidation and its dependence on the composition and antioxidative properties of lipid sinpatients with a severe and comatogenous course of acute viral hepatitis B
610-614 Parpieva N.N., Kazakov S.S.
Impairments of carbohydrate metabolism at the combination of lung tuberculosis and diabetus mellitus in patients with the different phenotypes of haptoglobin
615-625 Ivanov A.S., Skvortsov V.S., Archakov A.I.
Computer modelling of 3d structure of the full-length cytochrome b5
626-640 Altchouler B.Y.
Methodological aspects of the employment of n-(3-[2-furyl]acryloyl)-phe-gly-gly for photometric assay of angiotensinconverting enzyme activity
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