1986, Volume 32, Issue 3
2-9 Ivkov N.N., Kapitanov A.B.
Biochemical mechanisms of the effect of low molecular weight organochlorine aliphatic compounds on humans and animals (review)
9-15 Golovenko N.Ya., Galkin B.N.
Biochemical mechanisms of prostaglandin synthetase co-oxidation of xenobiotics (review)
15-20 Grigor'iants O.O., Gomazkov O.A.
Enkephalin-forming enzymes (review)
21-23 Lokhov R.E., Tsakhilov I.B., Taranov A.G.
Sensitivity of the pituitary-ovarian system of animals to the nonhormonal preparation RL-S
23-27 Denisenko V.A., Gorbach Z.V., Ostrovskiĭ I.M.
Regulation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity of the rat liver in vitamin B1 deficiency
27-30 Almatov K.T., Mirtalipov D.T., Kasymova G.M., Abidov A.A.
Phospholipid composition and oxidative phosphorylation in liver mitochondria in hepatitis
31-36 Glinka E.Yu., Beliaeva N.F., Bykhovskaia K.N., Kagan Z.S.
Various regulatory properties of fructose-1,6-diphosphatase of the rat liver under normal conditions and in experimental autoimmune cardiomyopathy
36-41 Grigorovich I.A., Bulgadaeva S.A.
Comparative study of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity in the rabbit and bovine heart
41-45 Nadirov N.K., Lenskaia E.G., Sagindykova S.E., Tokmurzin Z.U., Aĭdarkhanov B.B.
Anti-oxidant activity and tissue accumulation of tocopherols from a new source
45-48 Okonenko L.B.
Propolis as an inhibitor of free radical lipid oxidation in salmonellosis
48-51 Iakhnina D.N., Agabekova I.I.
Effect of alphalphalpha-tocopherol on glutamic acid metabolism and nicotinamide coenzyme levels in hepatocytes
52-55 Kanunnikova N.P., Koval'chuk V.G.
Characteristics of dopamine and GABA system functions in the brain of animals with different durations of ethanol sleep
55-57 Andrianova I.P., Zuevskii V.V., Rabovskii A.B., Tsybul'skaia M.V., Nikitin Iu.S.
Removal of lipoprotein complexes of cholesterol from plasma using silochromes
58-60 Sotskiĭ O.P., Sarkisova G.M., Chukhadzhian G.A., Shakhbatian S.Kh., Paglavian V.G.
Changes in beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase activity of blood leukocytes in patients with arterial hypertension
61-65 Panin L.E., Russkikh G.S., Filatova T.G.
Effect of adrenaline, hydrocortisone and serum HDL lipoproteins on the activity of multiple forms of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in the rat liver
65-68 Boldanova N.B., Migushina V.L., Shatinina S.Z., Dobrynina O.V.
Protective effect of phosphatidylcholine liposomes in experimental toxic hepatitis
68-72 Mikhaĭlin V.S., Kondrashin A.A., Berezov T.T.
Characteristics of immobilization and catalytic properties of the Soviet commercial preparation of L-asparaginase in liposomes composed of soybean phospholipids
73-76 Kosiagin D.V.
Glycosaminoglycan levels in normal and degenerative articular cartilage of people of different ages
76-79 Nian'kovskii S.L., Timochko M.F.
Effect of vitamins A and E on various indices of lipid and protein metabolism in children with perinatal pathology of the central nervous system
79-81 Frol'kis V.V., Kol'tover V.K., Gorban' E.N., Paramonova G.I., Shcherbitskaia E.V.
Effect of enterosorption on EPR signals in the liver of rats of different ages
82-85 Taryshkin A.M., Sal'nik B.Iu., Dolgikh E.V.
Oxidative phosphorylation, NADH-oxidase and succinate oxidase activity in testicular mitochondria of rats with alloxan diabetes
85-87 Afanas'ev Iu.I., Nozdrin V.I., Bobova L.P., Volkov Iu.T.
Possible role of the thymus in the mechanism of the adjuvant effect of retinoic acid
88-94 Gridneva L.I., Abubakirova A.M., Proshina I.V., Il'ina L.V.
Changes in the amine oxidase activity of human serum during different types of anesthesia and hyperbaric oxygenation
95-98 Marzoian R.A., Potapov A.A., Pisetskaia M.V.
Beta-endorphin and corticotropin in the blood of patients during the acute period of severe craniocerebral injury
98-101 Dushkin M.I., Dolgov A.V.
Activity of cholesterol metabolism enzymes and lipid levels in the rat liver, aorta, adrenals and serum after exposure to triton WR 1339
102-104 Petrunin D.D., Tatarinov I.S., Murashko V.V., Baranov A.P., Kamenets A.V.
Comparative immunochemical studies of soluble leukocyte antigens in atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels
104-108 Grozdova I.D., Mikhailovskii A.V., Eshba I.R., Petukhov S.P., Vasil'ev V.Iu.
Changes in protein kinase activity of the skin in cancer
108-111 Ryzhenkov V.E., Pankov I.A., Chistiakova A.M., Keda I.M., Serrano D.S.
Effect of the synthetic tetradecapeptide corresponding to the amino acid sequence of human somatotropin 31-44 on rat blood and liver lipids
111-115 Sakhibov A.D., Sokolova S.F., Mirsalikhova N.M.
Mechanism of Na,K-ATPase inhibition with gossypol and megasin
115-118 Riabinin V.E., Lifshits R.I.
Functional activity of liver microsomes and the state of the lipid peroxidation system during acute burn toxemia
118-121 Chobit'ko V.G., Zakharova N.B., Rubin V.I.
Relation between the changes in thiamine metabolism and energy processes in erythrocytes of patients with diabetes mellitus and approaches to their correction with drugs
122-126 Romanenko E.B., Alesenko A.V., Burlakova E.B.
Relation between the increase in the anti-oxidative activity of lipids and the activity of the blood coagulation system
126-131 Silaeva S.A., Khatsernova B.Ya., Berchenko G.N., Nikolaev A.Ya., Shekhter A.B.
Dynamics of nucleic acid synthesis in the granulation tissue of skin wounds in the rat
132-136 Strukova S.M., Umarova B.A., Kulibali M.M.
Heparin-induced impairment of thrombin interaction with fibrinogen and receptors of the anti-coagulation system
136-139 Galybin A.A., Ermolin G.A., Kurmanova L.V.
A solid-phase immunoenzyme method of the quantitative determination of insulin antibodies
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