1985, Volume 31, Issue 4
2-12 Karsakevich A.S., Vina I.A.
Approaches to improvement of the therapeutic effectiveness of antitumor enzymes (review)
12-20 Maksimenko A.V., Torchilin V.P.
Water-soluble modified derivatives of urokinase: fibrinolytic activity and other properties
21-24 Gostishchev V.K., Tolstykh P.I., Vasil'kova Z.F., Vlasov L.G., Virnik A.D.
Experimental and clinical use of various forms of immobilized proteinases and their inhibitors
25-30 Larionova N.I., Kazanskaia N.F., Mitiushina G.V.
Modified and immobilized preparations of basic polyvalent protease inhibitor for potential medical use
30-34 Aisina R.B., Kazanskaia N.F., Andreenko G.V., Liutova L.V., Pen'ia K..
Isolation and properties of acylplasmin
34-39 Valueva T.A., Maklakova I.A., Valuev L.I., Mosolov V.V., Platé N.A.
Biospecific sorbent for removal of proteinases from biological fluids
39-43 Konoplitskaia K.L., Pozniakova T.N., Grigor'eva M.V.
Aldehyde dehydrogenases in the rat liver after implantation of a prolonged-action preparation of an alcohol deterrent
43-47 Platé N.A., Valuev L.I., Chutov V.V., Burdygina I.F.
Polymers modified by biologically active compounds--a new type of compatible material for contact with the blood
47-51 Gundorova R.A., Romashchenko A.D.
Immobilized streptokinase (streptodecase) in the treatment of traumatic intra-ocular hemorrhage
51-54 Samsonov G.V., Danilichev V.F., Kol'tsova S.V.
Immobilized thrombolytic enzymes and their use in ophthalmology
54-60 Iurkov I.A., Bakanov M.I., Gerasimova I.V.
Changes in the cyclic nucleotide system in experimental anaphylaxis and approaches to their correction
60-65 Chestkov V.V., Kovalev L.I., Shishkin S.S., Annenkov G.A.
Oligomerization of phenylalanine hydroxylase during its activation with phenylalanine
65-70 Salganik R.I., Solov'eva N.A., Knorre V.L., Tomsons V.P., Iurkina E.A.
Mechanism of enzymatic imprinting induced in rats by an early postnatal administration of galactose
70-73 Antipenko A.E., Sviderskaia E.V., Lyzlova S.N.
Cyclic AMP level, dissociation of membrane-bound calmodulin and regulation of calcium transport in the heart sarcoplasmatic reticulum in circulatory hypoxia
73-75 Gromov P.S., Bakharev V.A., Annenkov G.A.
Active form of dihydropteridine reductase in human chorion cells. Possibility of prenatal diagnosis
75-79 Krichevskaia A.A., Bondarenko T.I., Makletsova M.G., Mikhaleva I.I.
Protective effect of the neuropeptide homocarnosine in hyperbaric oxygenation
80-82 Khakimov Z.Z.
Functional state of the hepatocyte cytoplasmic network in heliotrine injury of the rat liver
83-87 Torkhovskaia T.I., Khalilov E.M., Fortinskaia E.S., Kliuchnikova Z.I., Ryzhkova L.K.
Effect of the plasma lipoprotein spectrum on the cholesterol level in erythrocyte membranes
88-91 Voronina O.L., Bulygina E.R., Telepneva V.I.
Immunochemical study of alpha and beta forms of NAD-kinase from the rabbit liver
91-93 Kil'chitskiĭ O.K.
Adrenergic regulation of adenylate cyclase activity in the myocardium of rats of different ages
94-99 Nikov P.S., Parzian M.S.
Various aspects of the effect of nutritional factors on the metabolism and biological action of aflatoxin B1 in the rat liver
99-104 Silaeva S.A., Khatsernova B.Ya., Nikolaev A.Ya., Efimov V.S., Rozkin M.Ya.
Effect of the synthetic heparin antagonist, conidine oligomer 25, on the synthesis of nucleic acids in regenerating liver cells
104-108 Lukash A.I., Shepelev A.P., Pushkina N.V., Tsybul'skii I.E., Al'perovich D.V.
Effect of non-enzymatic desamidation of gamma-globulin on its properties and biological activity
108-111 Sushko L.I., Abakumov G.Z., Lukienko P.I., Voronov G.G.
Effect of vitamin D2 on the monooxygenase activity of the rat liver
111-113 Kalinkin M.N., Bel'chenko D.I.
Effect of alcohol on the phospholipid composition of human myocardial mitochondria
114-115 Babadzhanova B.N., Krasil'nikov O.V., Babaev T.A., Tashmukhamedov B.A.
Membrane activity of a cell-free filtrate of Shigella flexneri 2a
116-121 Dotsenko V.L., Morozova N.A., Iarovaia G.A.
Effect of various infusion media and solutions on the kallikrein-kinin system of human plasma
122-124 Reznik L.V., Miazina E.M.
Inhibition of Na+, K+-ATPase activity by sodium channel blockers
124-128 Podgorodnichenko V.K., Konov A.V., Bryksina L.E., Mazurik V.K.
A simple radioimmunological method of determining thymidine in biological fluids
128-131 Dubichev A.G., Glushakova S.E.
A rapid method of isolating phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine using high performance liquid chromatography
131-135 Morozov V.I., Chaĭkovskiĭ V.S.
Radioimmunologic assay of steroids. Comparison of 3H- and 125I-ligands
135-141 Alekseenko L.P., Gol'dina O.A., Pozdnev V.F., Orekhovich V.N., Iunuskhodzhaev E.
Fluorometric method of determining prolylendopeptidase activity in human erythrocytes in normal and pathologic conditions
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