1985, Volume 31, Issue 5
2-7 Kozhevnikov Yu.N.
Lipid peroxidation in normal and pathological states (review)
7-17 Tsukerman E.S., Korsova T.L., Poznanskaia A.A.
Cobalamins in normal and pathological states (review)
17-22 Lashneva N.V., Khan A.V., Tutel'ian V.A.
Function of the liver monooxygenase system after exposure to ionol and polychlorinated biphenyls
22-25 Babsky A.M., Kondrashova M.N.
Effect of animal serum on mitochondrial respiration in stress
26-29 Sharmanov T.Sh., Takhtaev F.Kh., Tazhibaev Sh.S., Mamyrbaev A.A., Piven' V.N.
Effect of diet on transport ATPase activity in myocardial and liver membranes
30-32 Byshevskii A.Sh., Chiriat'ev E.A., Umutbaeva M.K.
Isolation of fibrin assembly inhibitor from plasma and tissue extracts
32-34 Meerson F.Z., Dmitriev A.D., Zayatz V.I., Rozhitskaia I.I., Kizim E.A.
Effect of stress, infarction and adaptation to brief exposure to stress on opioid peptide levels in the brain
35-37 Bliuger A.F., Dudnik L.B., Mayore A.Ya., Nozdrunova N.A., Mieze I.E.
Intensity of lipid peroxidation and its relation to changes in the composition and antioxidative properties of lipids in acute viral hepatitis
38-40 Riabinin V.E., Lifshits R.I.
Effect of burn trauma on the activity of NADPH- and NADH-dependent components of the electron transport chain in rat liver microsomes
40-45 Toleikis A.I., Zhilinskene V.Yu., Borutajte V.I., Dagis A.I., Trumpitskas A.Yu., Prashkevichus A.K.
Effect of ischemia and rotenone on lipid and adenine nucleotide levels and functional activity of heart mitochondria
45-49 Parsadanian G.K., Ter-Tatevosian L.P., Aslanian I.G., Adunts G.T.
Phosphoprotein phosphatase of the myocardium. Isolation of individual molecular forms and their regulation
49-53 Guliaeva L.F., Mishin V.M.
Activity of the liver monooxygenase system after induction with phenobarbital in the early neonatal period
53-60 Pitsin D.G., Titov V.N., Vasileva-Dimova M.P., Sanfirova V.M.
Effect of adrenocorticotropic hormone on the biosynthesis of glycerolipid components in the rat liver
60-64 Zeinalov T.A.
Baygon (2-isopropoxyphenyl-N-methyl carbamate) activation of enzymatic deamination of 2-phenyl-ethylamine
65-68 Verbolovich V.P., Petrenko E.P., Podgorny Yu.K.
Regulation of free radical oxidation of pulmonary surfactant lipids
68-71 Makarov S.A., Kudriavtseva G.V., Kolotilova A.I.
Effect of thrombin and prostaglandins E and F on various indices of carbohydrate metabolism in human platelets
71-75 Azhipa Ya.I., Akimov I.A., Rodionov A.A.
Neurogenic dystrophy of the rat kidney and interaction of aldosterone with cytoplasmic and nuclear receptors of kidney tubules
75-80 Taganovich A.D., Oletskiĭ E.I., Kukhta V.K.
Activity of membrane-bound enzymes, indices of metabolism in the cytoplasm and various physico-chemical properties of erythrocytes with increased cholesterol level
80-83 Lipatova T.Yu., Anan'eva G.V., Riabtseva E.G., Postupaev V.V.
The role of sex steroids in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism in rat lungs after a single whole-body cooling
84-87 Navasardiants D.G., Trapeznikova S.S., Khalansky A.S.
Brain arginase isoenzyme activity during the growth of neurinomas
87-91 Abdraimova S.M., Koshkenbaev B.Kh., Maksimenko V.B., Tazhibaev Sh.S.
Hypokinesia, nutrition and lipid metabolism. The effect of protein-vitamin deficiency on serum lipids and lipoproteins in hypokinesia
91-95 Kuchinskene Z.Z.
Composition, level and ratio of low density protein fraction and very low density lipoprotein subfraction in the serum of patients with chronic kidney insufficiency
95-97 Abakumova O.Yu., Kotaev A.Yu., Karagiulian S.R., Gal'perin E.I., Orekhovich V.N.
Effect of cytoplasmic proliferation stimulating factors and partial hepatectomy on DNA synthesis in the liver of rats subjected to prolonged carbon tetrachloride exposure
98-100 Kulakov V.N., Korshunov V.B., Trifonenkova N.K., Bazhenova T.L., Sorokin V.P., Sedov V.V.
Isolation and properties of chymotrypsin and trypsin labeled with iodine radioisotopes
101-104 Tamarkina A.D., Dement'eva E.S., Krylova N.I.
Enzyme diagnosis of mechanical jaundice
104-107 Tamuliavichius A.I., Ivanov L.L., Lukoshiavichius L.Yu., Prashkiavichius A.K.
Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and their high molecular weight complexes in autolysis of the swine heart
107-110 Gevorkian E.S., Abramian A.Sh., Matinian K.S., Panosian G.A.
Composition of labile-bound non-histone chromatin proteins in the rooster liver after treatment with estradiol
110-112 Ishkhanova M.A., Mitryaeva N.A., Gayseniuk L.A.
Structural-functional state of the genetic apparatus of blood leukocytes in breast cancer patients during cytostatic therapy
112-114 Riazanov E.M., Tret'iakov A.V., Aleksandrov V.A.
Induction of acetylation in rats by pharmacological agents
114-117 Sokovnina Ya.M., Mareeva T.B., Pliushch O.P., Votrin I.I.
Adenine phosphoribosyltransferase and hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase of blood platelets in hereditary coagulopathies
117-119 Lur'e B.L., Repina S.I., Kornev B.I., Lobakov A.I., Kochetova M.M.
The use of a generalized biochemical parameter for the evaluation of the effectiveness of hemosorption in patients with mechanical jaundice of calculous etiology
119-121 Ostrovsky Yu.M., Zimatkina T.I., Oparin D.A.
Changes in the permeability of the blood-brain barrier to oxythiamine
121-123 Fedurov V.V.
Inhibition of the synthesis of isoprenoid compounds by phenol precursors of the benzoquinone ring of ubiquinone
123-125 Pravdina N.F., Veselovskaia T.V., Smirnov V.D., Galegov G.A.
Inhibitory effect of deoxyadenylyl-(3'-5')-deoxyguanosine on the RNA-polymerase activity of influenza virus A
125-130 Lokshina L.A., Lubkova O.N., Gureeva T.A., Orekhovich V.N.
Properties and specificity of cathepsin H from the bovine spleen
130-134 Khaduev S.Kh., Lukasheva E.V., Smirnova I.P., Berezov T.T.
Isolation and purification of L-lysine-alpha-oxidase from Trichoderma sp
134-138 Frolova I.A., Beiul E.A., Popova I.P.
Disorders of purine metabolism in patients with dietary obesity
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