1989, Volume 35, Issue 2
2-10 Goroshinskaia I.A.
The role of changes in catalytic properties of brain monoamine oxidase in the response to extreme conditions (review of the literature)
10-16 Daĭkhin E.I., Fediushkina N.A., Guseĭnov A.T.
Clinical significance of studies of platelet activating factor (review of the literature)
16-23 Surguchev A.P.
Polymorphism of human genes, methods of its detection and relation with cardiovascular diseases (review of the literature)
24-33 Feshchenko S.P., Krasnopol'skaia K.D., Rebrin I.A., Rudakov S.S.
Molecular heterogeneity of proteoglycan aggregates of human hyalin cartilage in normal conditions and in systemic bone dysplasia
33-36 Kalashnikov S.G., Kuznik B.I.
The role of thymus gland in the regulation of cytomedin synthesis
37-42 Konevalova N.Yu., Chirkina I.A., Chirkin A.A.
The effect of factors stimulating proliferation of hepatocytes on cholesterol esterification in the serum during liver regeneration
42-46 Rozanov V.A., Kopelevich V.M., Savitskiĭ I.V.
Changes in the brain GABA system after repeated injections of pyridoxal-5'-phosphate and its Schiff base with GABA
46-52 Kosukhin A.B., Makhonina L.A., Kim E.A., Syzdykova R.T.
The mechanism of formation of spectrum of nonesterified fatty acids in biological fluids of rabbits with alimentary hypercholesterolemia
52-59 Glinka E.Yu., Sokol'nikov A.A., Kodentsova V.M.
The use of PALP-effect as an index of vitamin B6 supply
59-64 Shutenko Zh.V., Simkhovich B.Z., Meirena D.V., Kalvin'sh I.Ia., Lukevits E.Ia.
Regulation of carnitine-dependent metabolism of fatty acids in the rat myocardium using 3-(2,2,2-trimethylhydrazinium) propionate
64-68 Gubskiĭ Yu.I., Afonina G.B., Briuzgina T.S., Kravchenko E.Ya., Radlovskaia Z.T., Prady T.P., Zadorina O.V., Bordonos V.G.
The effect of levamisole on the functional activity and fatty acid composition of lymphocytes after the damage of cell membranes with tetrachloromethane
68-71 Melkonian M.M., Karagezian K.G., Ovakimian S.R.
Characteristics of phospholipid-glycerol metabolism in erythrocyte membranes during acoustic stress
72-75 Chulkova T.M.
Atherogenic modifications of low density lipoproteins during fibrin formation and fibrinolysis
75-78 Shkumatov L.M.
Kinetics of insulin disappearance from rat plasma
78-82 Konoplia E.F., Detinkin O.N., Zhitkovich A.V.
Stability of DNA-protein complexes in cell nuclei of the rat liver during aging
82-84 Puzach S.S., Gorbach Z.V.
Characteristics of the products of thiamine degradation by molluskan thiaminase I
84-86 Iankevich N.B., Laugalene N.F., Vesa V.S., Khaduev S.Kh., Smirnova I.P., Berezov T.T.
Improved method of purification of L-lysine-alpha-oxidase from the fungus Trichoderma sp
86-89 Shleikin A.G., Gor'kova L.B., Pozhilenkova K.S., Zvezdochkin A.G.
Mechanism of changes in amine binding to plasma proteins during allergy
89-92 Tolkacheva N.V., Levachev M.M., Medvedev F.A., Kulakova S.N., Mazurets A.F., Borisenko V.G.
Transport of fatty acids and products of their peroxidation by serum albumin in ischemic and non-coronary injury of the myocardium
93-97 Bilenko M.V., Seregina L.A., Komarov N.G., Abakumova O.Yu.
Regeneration ability of ischemic liver and the effect of liver resection and extracts stimulating proliferation
97-102 Korsova T.L., Morozova N.A., Poznanskaia A.A., Kurganov B.I.
Comparative study of the effect of vitamin B12 coenzymes on monooxygenase system and lipid peroxidation in the liver of rabbits poisoned with phenylhydrazine
102-105 Strumilo S.A., Kiselevskiĭ Yu.V., Taranda N.I., Zabrodskaia S.V., Oparin D.A.
Interaction of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex from the heart muscle with thiamine diphosphate and its derivatives
106-109 Kharchenko E.P., Kalikhevich V.N., Sokolova T.V., Shestak K.I., Ardemasova Z.A.
Highly active analogs of opiate-like peptides historphin and kapporphin
109-112 Fortinskaia E.S., Torkhovskaia T.I., Nalivaĭko E.S., Kliuchnikova Zh.I., Khalilov E.M.
The effect of hemosorption repeated three times on activity of lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase
112-115 Li Khva Ren , Vasil'ev A.V., Orekhov A.N., Tutel'ian V.A.
The effect of eicosapentaenoic acid and various prostaglandins on cholesterol accumulation and proliferation of intima cells from human aorta
115-120 Mirimsky A.S., Milova O.G., Rosly I.M., Vengerov Yu.Ya., Ermak T.N., Koyudenko L.G., Degtyareva L.V., Sidakov B.M., Linberg L.F.
Computer diagnosis of various infectious diseases based on gas chromatographic profile of serum lipids
121-123 Vasil'ev A.V., Vorobeichik T.A., Pletsityi K.D., Tutel'ian V.A.
Activity of lysosomal proteinases in the liver, spleen, thymus and peritoneal macrophages after immunization of mice with thymus-dependent and thymus-independent antigens
124-128 Ovchinnikova L.N., Gorkin V.Z., Anokhina I.P.
Changes in catalytic properties of membrane-bound monoamine oxidases in alcoholic intoxication
128-133 Dotsenko V.L., Iarovaia G.A., Neshkova E.A.
The use of a tripeptide chromogenic substrate for simultaneous determination of 4 indices of kallikrein-kinin system
134-139 Khaĭdukova I.L., Shakhov Yu.A., Chernysheva N.P., Malakhov V.N.
Isolation of fractions of human serum suitable for selective alterations in the level of lipids and apolipoproteins during preparation of standard sera
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