1985, Volume 31, Issue 2
2-14 Debov S.S., Ostroumova L.M.
The contribution of biochemistry to the theory and practice of medicine over the past 40 years
14-17 Marzoev A.I., Klebanov G.I., Sherstnev M.P., Andriushchenko A.P.
Peroxidation of blood serum lipids in rabbits with various thyroid functions
17-20 D'iakova N.G., Chernyshov V.G.
Glycolytic enzyme activity and levels of glycolysis metabolites in erythrocytes in physiological pregnancy
20-24 Srapionian R.M., Abelian Z.G., Galoian A.A.
Radioimmunological characteristics of the distribution of hypothalamic glycoprotein--a precursor of cardiotropic neurohormone C--in the brain and viscera
24-27 Fanchenko N.D., Alekseeva M.L.
Intracellular distribution of estrogen receptors in the human endometrium
27-30 Novikov E.A.
Accumulation of estrogen receptor complexes in the cell nuclei of the guinea pig uterus
30-33 Mikaelian N.P.
Determination of the serum enzyme and dehydrogenase activity of circulating lymphocytes during hemosorption in dietary hypercholesterolemia
33-36 D'iakova N.G., Chernyshov V.G.
Pentose monophoshate pathway and the glutathione system in physiological pregnancy
37-40 Khanina N.Ia., Bel'chenko D.I., Kalinkin M.N.
Mechanism of the maintenance of experimental hyperlipoproteinemia in the rabbit
40-45 Komarov P.G., Bilenko M.V., Shvedova A.A., Kagan V.E.
Assessment of the effectiveness of the action of chemical compounds on the enzymatic peroxidation of lipids
46-51 Bezdrobnyĭ I.V., Evdokimova N.Yu., Efimov A.S.
Additive nature of the stimulating effects of alloxan diabetes and fasting on the specific binding of insulin with its receptors in the plasma membranes of adipose and hepatic cells in the rat
51-55 Nikulin A.A.
Androgen regulation of aldolase and phosphohexose isomerase in the liver and seminal vesicles of white rats
55-59 Kondratiuk T.P., babich L.G., Osipenko A.A., Bychenok S.F., Kurskiĭ M.D.
Cyclic nucleotide content of the rabbit myometrium in various functional states
59-62 Maslennikov E.Yu., Vilkov G.A., Perechaĭ L.D., Kozlova L.S.
Kallikrein-kinin system of the synovial fluid in closed injury to the knee joint
62-64 Karagezian K.G., Ovsepian L.M., Adonts K.G.
Interrelation of the processes of lipid peroxidation and hydroxylation in the liver microsomal fraction of white rats with alloxan diabetes
64-68 Evdokimova N.Yu., Efimov A.S., Bezdrobnyĭ I.V.
Insulin receptors of adipose tissue in patients newly diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
68-72 Mishin V.M., Gutkina N.I.
Hexachlorobenzene induction of 2 forms of cytochrome P-450 in the rat liver microsome
72-76 Navasardiants D.G., Trapeznikova S.S., Novodarova G.N., Davtian M.A.
Comparative study of the action of O-phenanthroline metal complexes and a number of other compounds on the activity of brain arginase isoforms
76-79 Sokovnina I.M., Pestina T.I., Tentsova I.A., Ploshch O.P., Votrin I.I.
Thrombocyte purine nucleoside phosphorylase in various blood diseases
79-83 Kudriashov B.A., Liapina L.A., Zvereva E.G.
Comparative study of the properties of dicoumarin and its compounds with heparin
87-90 Tikhomirov A.v., Zamaraeva T.V., Lebedev D.A., Pleskovskaia G.N., Tugolukova S.S.
The microsomal oxidative system of NZB and NZW strain mice
90-94 Kudriavtseva G.V., Makarov S.A., Shatalina L.V.
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in normal human thrombocytes and in ischemic heart disease
94-97 Riabinin V.E., Lazovskaia A.Ya., Lifshits R.I.
Biochemical characteristics of substances sorbed on SKN-2M activated charcoal during hemosorption in the normal state and following burn injury
97-101 Kosterin S.A., Kurskiĭ M.D., Bratkova N.F.
Effect of divalent metal ions--stimulants of uterine contractile activity--on the Mg2+, ATP-dependent transport of Ca2+ in the myometrial sarcolemma fraction
102-105 Toleĭkis A.I., Dagis A.I., Trumpitskas A.Yu., Prashkiavichius A.K.
Lipid metabolism of the heart in ischemia and postischemic reperfusion
105-110 Litoshenko A.Ya.
Synthesis of mitochondrial proteins coded in the nucleus and mitochondria of the intact and regenerating liver of rats of various ages
111-117 Karelin A.A., Globa A.G., Demidova V.S., Marchuk A.I., Rytvinskiĭ S.S.
Coupling of insulin-stimulated ATP formation by preparations of plasma membrane-enriched particles with proton transport across the plasma membranes of target cells
118-120 Meerson F.Z., Saulia A.I., Gudumak V.S.
Role of sialic acid loss in the myocardium in depressing the contractile function of the heart muscle during stress
120-122 Gribanov G.A., Shchennikova V.V., Fedorovskiĭ I.V.
Micromodification of the determination of the ATPase activity of tissues and their biostructures by using malachite green
122-125 Pekkel V.A., Kirkel A.Z.
Modified radiometric method of determining amine oxidase activity
125-128 Obrosova I.G., Velikiĭ N.N., Efimov A.S.
Nicotinamide coenzyme regulation of the sorbitol pathway of glucose metabolism in the aorta of rats with streptozotocin diabetes
128-130 Tsvetkova I.V., Zolotukhina T.V., Rozenfel'd R.A.
Biochemical diagnosis of globoid cell leukodystrophy (Krabbe's disease)
131-136 Uporova T.M., Kartashova I.M., Skripkin E.A., Lopareva E.n., Nikol'skaia I.I.
Restriction endonucleases from Shigella sonnei 47
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