2002, Volume 48, Issue 6
541-552 Rotanova T.V.
Peptide hydrolases with catalytic dyad Ser - Lys. Similarity and distinctions of the activecenters of ATP-dependent proteases Lon, repressors LexA, signal peptidases and C-terminal processing proteases
553-560 Volkov D.A., Savvateeva L.V., Dergousova N.I., Rumsh L.D.
Aspartic proteinase of ulysses retrotransposone from Drosophila virilis
561-569 Likhareva V.V., Mikhailova A.G., Rumsh L.D.
Non-specific (model) peptide hydrolysis by enteropeptidase and its possible physiological role
570-576 Markvicheva E.A., Kuptsova S.V., Rumsh L.D., Dugina T.N., Lange M.A., Chistov I.V., Strukova S.M., Zubov V.P.
Polymer dressings with encapsulated thrombin orpeptides : preparation and use for wound healing
577-585 Trachuk L.A., Bushueva A.M., Shevelev A.B., Novgorodova S.A., Akparov V.H., Chestukhina G.G.
Characterization of the S1' subsite specificity of carboxypeptidase T Thermoactinomyces vulgaris by site-directed mutagenesis
586-593 Volkova T.O., Malysheva I. E., Nemova N.N.
Comparative analysis differentiating and apoptogenic effects of cytidine, thymidine and guanosine on human erythroleukaemic K562 cells
594-598 Boukina A.M., Tsvetkova I.V., Semyachkina A.N., Ilyina E.S.
Deficiency of tripeptidyl peptidase I inneuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. Novel mutation
599-602 Shibanova E.D., Grishina Yu.B., Rumsh L.D.
The inhibition of low molecular substrate hydrolysis by enteropeptidase light chain with chimeric protein IFN-(Asp)4Lys-HIV
603-610 Blokhina T.B., Neshkova E.A., Yarovaya G.A.
Isolation, purification, and properties of factor XII and its active fragment (beta-XIIa)
611-617 Dilakian E.A., Gureeva T.A., Solovyeva N.I., Zhurbitskaya V.A., Suletskaya Yu.A.
Characterization of endogenous cysteineproteinase inhibitors from transformed fibroblasts
618-623 Valuev I.L., Sytov G.A., Valuev L.I., Vanchugova L.V., Pan A.V., Plate N.A.
The stability of immobilized insulin preparation at different pH of environment
624-631 Kozlov L.V.
Determination of functional activity of components and factors of the human complement
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