1992, Volume 38, Issue 5
4-5 Chevari S., Andial T., Benke K., Shtrenger Ya.
Free radical reactions and cancer
5-7 Barinov E.F., Barabadze E.V., Zhdaniuk Yu.I.
Dynamics and factors regulating the intensity of free radical processes during experimental supravesical block
7-10 Taganovich A.D.
The regulatory role of pulmonary surfactant in macrophage metabolism
10-12 Mal'tsev G.Yu., Vasil'ev A.V.
Degradation of endo- and exogenous albumin in normal and starved rats
12-14 Drozd N.N., Bashkov G.V., Makarov V.A., Kheĭlomskiĭ A.B., Gorbacheva I.N.
Mechanisms of anticoagulant effect of chitosan sulfuric acid ester
15-17 Sokol'nikov A.A., Shinkevich T.E., Kodentsova V.M., Vrzhesinskaia O.A., Spirichev V.B.
Activity of menadione reductase and level of cytochrome B5 and P-450 in liver with varying supplies of vitamin K and administration of pelentan to rats
17-20 Alekseeva I.A., Kodentsova V.M., Vrzhesinskaia O.A., Zvereva T.E., Khotimchenko S.A., Spirichev V.B.
Assessment of vitamin B2, B6, and PP supply from data on excretion of vitamins and their metabolites in alimentary iron and riboflavin deficiency
20-22 Trebukhina R.V., Kraskovskii G.V., Mel'nov S.B., Motylevich Zh.V., Mel'nova N.I.
The effect of oxythiamine on tumor growth and certain biochemical and genetic characteristics of normal and tumor cells
22-24 Lelevich V.V., Panchenko L.F.
Status of carbohydrate metabolism in the rat brain during alcohol withdrawal syndrome
24-26 Sharov A.N., Novikov V.E.
Status of oxidative phosphorylation in brain mitochondria during its toxic and traumatic edema-swelling
26-28 Lobov V.V., Konvaĭ V.D., Bykhovtsev A.N.
Carbohydrate metabolism upon disruption of monoaminergic regulatory mechanisms, developing in the early post-resuscitation period
28-30 Potapova O.L., Smirnova I.P., Turchinskiĭ V.V., Berezov T.T.
Use of o-phenylenediamine in determining the activity of L-lysine- alpha-oxidase and concentration of L-lysine
30-33 Khmelevskii Yu.V., Poberezkina N.B., Zadorina O.V., Tolstykh O.I., Vasil'chenko O.A.
Vitamin E and its synthetic analogs in experimental cardiovascular pathology
33-36 Trebukhina R.V., Koltaniuk T.A., Petushok V.G., Mikhal'tsevich G.N., Lashak L.K., Gritsenko E.A.
Metabolism of vitamins B1 and PP and their use in oncological practice
36-40 Balabolkin I.I., Gordeeva G.F., Guseva E.D., Dzhunelov A.B., Kalugina O.L., Khamidova M.M.
Use of vitamins in allergic illnesses in children
41-44 Prosolnaya N.I.
Dependence of the initial stages of the pentose phosphate cycle on vitamin C metabolism in connective tissue pathology
44-47 Ivashkevich S.P., Shirankova T.G., Apukhovskaia L.I., Omel'chenko L.I.
The effect of unilateral nephrectomy on vitamin D metabolism in pregnant rats
47-50 Samsonov M.A., Vasil'ev A.V., Pogozheva A.V., Pokrovskaia G.R., Mal'tsev G.Yu., Biiasheva I.R., Orlova L.A.
The effect of a soy protein isolate and sources of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids in an anti-atherosclerotic diet on the lipid spectrum of blood serum and immunological indicators in patients with ischemic heart disease and hypertension
50-53 Vasil'ev A.V., Bogdanova S.N., Varsanovich E.A., Pogozheva A.V., Samsonov M.A.
Lipolytic enzymes of platelet and mononuclear cell lysosomes in the pathogenesis of ischemic heart disease pathogenesis
53-57 Leus N.F.
Vitamins and coenzymes in ophthalmology
57-59 Frolova V.M., Monastyrskaia A.R., Vostriakov A.P., Gutkin V.S., Gorbatov V.A., Deĭgin V.I., Rogovin V.V.
Increase in the level of luminol-dependent chemoluminescence in mouse blood under the effect of certain synthetic peptides
59-62 Krakovskiĭ M.E., Ashirmetov A.Kh.
Status of the monooxygenase enzyme system in rat and rabbit organs in sugar diabetes and upon insulin administration
62-63 Terekhina N.A., Petrovich Yu.A.
Activity of antioxidant enzymes and peripheral blood lymphocyte chemiluminescence in herpes simplex virus infection of the eye
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