1989, Volume 35, Issue 4
2-8 Chulkova T.M.
The role of thrombus formation processes in atherosclerosis (review)
9-11 Sveshnikov A.A., Ofitserova N.V., Ral'nikova S.V., Kuznetsov A.P.
The role of cyclic nucleotides in reparative bone formation
11-12 Karagezian K.G., Karapetian E.T., Safarian M.D.
Dynamics of changes in lipid peroxidation and activity of superoxide dismutase in erythrocytes of patients with tuberculosis
12-16 Melkonian M.M.
Lipid peroxidation processes and the dynamics of shifts in the cholesterol level in plasma and erythrocytes under the influence of low-frequency acoustic oscillations
16-20 Nuzhnyĭ V.P., Tezikov E.B., Zabirova I.G., Ugriumov A.I.
Myocardial damage and the sympatho-adrenal system in ethanol abstinence syndrome in rats
20-23 Sharaev P.N., Ivanov V.G., Kutiavin L.I.
A study of glycosaminoglycan metabolism upon the effect of stress factors on the body
24-28 Gaskina T.K., Kurilovich S.A., Gorchakov V.N.
Changes in the rate of lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase reaction and lipid indicators of serum under the effect of cathergene in acute experimental liver damage
28-30 Agadzhanov M.I., Simonian M.A., Kazarian Sh.A.
The effect of a superoxide dismutase compound on the level of endogenous superoxide dismutase and lipid peroxidation in thermal burns
31-34 Kalinskiĭ M.I., Gubskiĭ Iu.I., Rudnitskaia N.D., Kurskiĭ M.D.
ATP-dependent transport of calcium in the myocardial sarcoplasmic reticulum during adaptation to muscular activities
35-38 Khasina M.A., Zuev Iu.F.
Study of the connection of the resistance of the lung to the development of pathologic processes with its fatty acid composition
38-42 Korotkova M.N., Sanina I.V., Arion V.Ya.
Analysis of immunoregulatory peptides of the thymus using high performance liquid chromatography
43-48 Kozhevnikova K.A., Petrova-Maslakova L.G., Parfenova N.S., Belova E.V., Triufanov V.F., Noskin V.A., Vavrin R.Z.
Acceptance of cholesterol by high density lipoproteins in people with dys-alpha-lipoproteinemia and the possible role of apoprotein E in this process
48-51 Meerson F.Z., Iavich M.P., Rozhitskaia I.I., Tverdokhlib V.P.
Suppression of replication and activation of DNA reparative synthesis in stress and prevention of these phenomena by preliminary adaptation
51-56 Dzhafarov A.I., Magomedov N.M., Babaev Kh.F., Akhmedova G.Sh., Bekhbudova Z.A.
Lipid peroxidation and ATPase activity in synaptosomal and mitochondrial fractions of the brain in hypoxia
56-60 Stapulenis R.R., Ivanov L.L., Lukoshiavichius L.Yu., Daukantaĭte I.S., Kondratas D.Z., Prashkiavichius A.K.
Study of the properties of leucyl-tRNA synthetase from porcine myocardium in a normal state and in experimental ischemia
60-66 Miroshnichenko V.P., Busygina O.G., Severina I.S.
Analogy and differences in properties of soluble forms of guanylate cyclase of the heart and rat blood platelets
66-72 Alekseeva A.E., Grebenshchikova O.G., Potapkina T.A., Prozorovskiĭ V.N.
Antigenic activity of the N-terminal peptide of porcine muscle lactate dehydrogenase, obtained upon cyanogen bromide cleavage
73-75 Kukharenko V.I., Khokhlova Iu.V.
Cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP level in cells of spontaneously aborted fetuses with trisomic and triploid karyotypes
75-78 Liutova L.V., Andreenko G.V., Karabasova M.A., Rybakina E.G., Kozinets I.A., Ashmarin I.P.
Interleukin-1 and fibrinolysis. In vivo studies
79-81 Prokopenko N.P., Tigranian R.A., Muratova G.L., Plokhoĭ V.I., Khavinson V.Kh.
Characteristics of the acidic extract from the epiphysis and its fractions
81-84 Korf I.I., Tsagikian T.A., Meshcheriakova V.A., Levachev M.M., Arutiunova M.B.
Changes in fatty acid composition of the plasma and erythrocytes in osteochondrosis
84-89 Zanin V.A., Lukina V.I., Berezov T.T.
Isolation, various physico-chemical and catalytic properties of L-methionine-gamma-lyase from Pseudomonas taetrolens
89-91 Krakovskiĭ M.E., Ashirmetov A.Kh., Musabaev E.I., Alieva L.G.
The status of the monooxygenase enzyme system of the liver in Salmonella infection in rats
92-96 Serebrennikova E.F.
The role of fatty acids in phospholipids of various organs of white rats in the formation of resistance to deep repeated cooling
97-102 Rozhinskaia I.V., Poverennyĭ A.M., Rott G.M.
Features of determining autoantibodies to human myoglobin using an immunoenzyme analysis method
102-105 Kurbanov Kh.K., Romakh O.N.
Mechanism of regulation of tyrosine metabolism in ethanol poisoning
105-107 Promyslov M.Sh., Levchenko L.I., Demchuk M.L., Gabriélian N.I.
The role of lipids in middle molecular weight fractions as a feature of the pathological process
107-111 Nikolaev A.I., Mamutov Zh.I., Karabanovich A.K., Komarin A.S.
Changes in the activity of liver microsomal monooxygenase in thymectomized rats depending on their age and correction of the activity by thymus humoral factor
111-114 Tabukashvili R.I., Ushakov I.B.
Various biochemical mechanisms of the combined action of extreme factors
114-119 Popova N.K., Voĭtenko N.N., Maslova L.N.
The effect of emotional stress and corticosterone on the activity of monoaminoxidase in the rat brain
119-124 Gubskii Iu.I., Levitskii E.L., Gol'dshtein N.B., Mozzhukhina T.G., Litoshenko A.Ia., Novikova S.N.
Functional activity of fractionated chromatin from rat liver upon a single administration of carbon tetrachloride
124-127 Vasil'ev A.V., Li Kva Ren, Orekhov A.N., Tertov V.V., Kim K.J., Tutel'ian V.A.
Lysosomal proteinases of the human aortal intima and atherogenesis
128-131 Kudriashov B.A., Ul'ianov A.M., Tarasov Iu.A.
Intensification of the diabetogenic effect of alloxan by protamine sulfate
132-134 Model M.A.
Determination of glutathione peroxidase activity
134-137 Toshchakov V.Yu., Danilov M.A., Shestakova N.K., Kozlovskaia T.I., Kulikova E.Yu.
Preparation of a suspension of isolated hepatocytes using the Soviet drug collalitin
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