1991, Volume 37, Issue 3
2-5 Dushkin M.I., Mandrikova E.V., Dolgov A.V.
Esterification of cholesterol oxidation products and their effect on the rate of cholesterol esterification in macrophages
5-9 Panin L.E., Kuz'menko D.I.
Features of oxidation of reserve lipids in liver mitochondria during starvation: the role of non-heme iron and free radical fatty acid oxidation
9-13 Dolgikh V.T.
The effect of acute fatal blood loss on post-resuscitation changes in heart phospholipids and prevention of them
14-17 Gul'nik S.V., Feokharus G., Varchenko N.V., Lavrenova G.I., Stepanov V.M.
The effect of Legionella pneumophila metalloproteinase on certain human blood proteins. Cleavage of anti(1)-antitrypsin and acid-stable serine proteinase inhibitors
17-19 Kozlov E.A., Bagdatlishvili G.I., Prozorovskaia N.N., Del'vig A.A.
Comparative characteristics of oxyproline excretion in urine in children with post-burn hypertrophic and keloid scars
20-21 Kondratenko T.Ia., Kuzina N.V., Severin E.S., Kornilova Z.Kh., Tikhomirov E.V., Perel'man M.I.
Chronic pneumonia and cancer: changes in beta-adrenergic receptors in human lung parenchyma
21-24 Danilovskii M.A., Loseva I.V., Krasil'nikova I.V., Sviridov B.N.
Biochemical mechanisms of compensation for unilateral motor disorders of central genesis and their connection with the immune system
24-26 Shutenko Zh.V., Priedena I.A., Kalvin'sh I.Ia., Lukevits E.Ia.
The effect of a structural analog of gamma-butyrobetaine, mildronate, 3-2,2,2-trimethylhydrazine)propionate on dynamic carnitine-dependent metabolism
26-28 Grin'ko I.V., Krivchik A.A., Ivankova O.V.
Functional state of the liver during development of extrahepatic cholestasis and during use of enterosorption
28-30 Semenov V.L., Iarosh A.M.
Disruption of energy metabolism in the liver during lung inflammation in rats
31-32 Kozlov S.A., Uriupov O.Yu., Tomchin A.B., Kiselev E.N.
Effectiveness of a series of pharmacological substances in liver ischemia
33-35 Shneĭvaĭs V.B., Amilov K.S.
Role of lipid peroxidation in pathogenesis of visceral ischemic shock
35-37 Kazachkina N.I., Nemtsova E.R., Iakubovskaia R.I., Karmakova T.A., Ivanova L.M., Sokolov A.V.
Pharmacokinetics of human milk lactoferrin in intact mice and tumor-carrying animals
37-40 Mal'dov D.G., Zbarskii I.B.
Protein kinase activity of proteins extracted by triton X-100 from isolated rat liver cell nuclei and Zajdela hepatoma
41-43 Korolev V.A., Golovskaia G.G., Selivanova K.F., Moldovan K.I., Borisenko S.N.
Level of hemoglobin A1c and modified blood serum albumin in patients with diabetes mellitus
43-45 Gulieva S.A., Samedov S.I.
Fatty acid composition of blood plasma of rabbits treated with naphthalene oil
45-47 Zakharian A.K., Amatuni V.G.
The interconnection of changes in the level of prostaglandins, catecholamines, and lipid peroxidation of membrane lipids in patients with bronchial asthma
48-50 Zorin N.A., Zhabin S.G., Belogorlova T.I., Arkhipova S.V.
A comparative study of alpha2-macroglobulin and pregnancy-associated alpha2-glycoprotein and protein A as possible analogs
50-53 Panosian A.G., Arakelian O.N., Saakian E.G., Akopov S.E., Nazarian A.V., Gabriélian E.S.
Level of monohydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid in the blood of patients with cerebral blood circulation disorders
53-54 Sultanova E.M., Mukhamedieva Sh.G., Sagdiev N.Zh., Kliuev O.A., Khadzhimetov A.A., Sultanov S.N., Avakov V.E., Salikhov Sh.I.
Peptide endotoxins and disruption of the hemostasis system during a complicated pregnancy
54-56 Boiarinov G.A., Andreeva N.N.
Changes in the fatty acid composition of myocardial phospholipids after hypothermic ischemia
56-58 Kal'sines P.I., Gonsales O.L., Kalel'e O., Armas F.A., Rodriges M., Smirnova I.P., Berezov T.T.
Relationship of the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood plasma in racial groups in Cuba
58-60 Biiasheva I.R., Mal'tsev G.Iu., Pustovoĭtov V.V., Loranskaia T.I.
System of antioxidant defense and activity of lysosomal hydrolase in the stomach mucosa in ulcer disease
60-62 Butolin E.G., Sharaev P.N.
Change in indicators of biopolymer metabolism in connective tissue upon central administration of angiotensin II
62-64 Galimov Sh.N., Kamilov F.Kh.
The nicotinamide coenzyme system in experimental burn disease during prepubescence
64-67 Golubeva M.V., Lunga I.N., Shishkin S.S.
Use of two-dimensional O'Farrell electrophoresis for studying polymorphism of blood proteins
67-68 Ermakov N.V., Ishkov A.G., Mikerov S.V., Miroshnichenko E.V.
Fluorometric determination of monoaminoxidase activity with 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine as substrate
68-70 Lukasheva E.V., Vesa V.S., Korpela T.K., Berezov T.T.
A spectrophotometric method for determining the concentration of L-lysine using L-lysine-alpha-oxidase from Trichoderma sp. and 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidene dihydrochloride
71-72 Sergeev I.N., Terekhina T.A., Iakushina L.M., Spirichev V.B.
A simple method of determining 1,25-(OH)2D (calcitriol) in blood
73-75 Karelin A.A., Andreev V.I., Korotkina R.N.
Experience in using the automatic biochemical analyzer "Spectrum" from "Abbott Laboratories" in the clinical biochemistry laboratory of the Institute of Surgery named for A.V. Vishnevskiĭ of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR.
76-78 Golosova T.V., Somova A.V., Margolina A.N., Guliaeva A.A.
Serodiagnosis of infections transmitted by blood transfusions (HIV-1/HIV-2, HBV, CMV, HCV, HTI V-1), using the testing equipment from the firm "Abbott Laboratories"
79-80 Dronova O.M., Zhabina M.I., Diuzhikova E.V., Bagirova N.S., Sokolova E.N.
Use of the automated microbiological system "Advantage" from the firm "Abbott Laboratories" in studying the etiological structure of nosocomial infections in an oncology clinic
80-82 Bogovskiĭ B.P., Barmanova E.Yu.
Comparison of two methods for therapeutic drug monitoring: FPIA (TDx) and Emit
83-85 Siniukhin V.H., Nikolaeva N.P., Iarmolinskiĭ I.S., Darenkov A.F.
Informative value of methods for determining cyclosporin A and its metabolites during its monitoring in blood of patients with a transplanted kidney
85-86 Dzgoev A.B., Eremin S.A., Danilova N.P., Egorov A.M., Vasilov R.G.
Quantitative determination of phenobarbital in human blood serum by fluorescence polarization immunoanalysis
86-88 Gabrielian N.I., Savost'ianova O.A., Belotserkovskaia O.I.
Monitoring cyclosporin in the treatment plan of patients during the post-transplant period
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