2000, Volume 46, Issue 2
101-109 Poloz T.P., Sokolov N.N., Vasilev A.V.
Medicinal plants of Russia as an inexhaustible source for creation of new high performance preventive remedies and biologically-active food additives
110-116 Shepelev A.P., Kornienko I.V., Shestopalov A.V., Antipov A.Ju.
The role of lipids peroxidation processes in the pathogenesis of infectious diseases
117-126 Grishanova A.Yu., Zueva T.V.
Bilirubin as the endogenous intermediary in the activation of CYP1A1 expression under ultrasound action
127-154 Naryznaya N.V., Maslov L.N., Lishmanov Yu.B.
Protein synthesis in heart muscle and the cardioprotective effect of m -opioid receptor ligands at immobilization stress
135-139 INzhevatkin E.V., Savchenko A.A., Albrant A.I., Nefedov V.P.
The study of metabolic changes in rat liver during a reductive period after overheating
140-148 Romanova T.A.
Involment of cytochrome P-450 biotransformation system in the mechanisms of toxic effects of acrylamide
149-154 Uljanov A. M., Tarasov Yu.A.
The insular system of rats exposed to chronic heparin deficiency
155-161 Golubev M.A., Gorodetsky V.K., Aniskina A.P., Tochilkin A.I., Belyaeva N.F.
The comparison study of vanadium-compounds with insulin-mimetic properties
162-167 Babych N.O., Antonyak H.L., Tymochko M.F.
The influence of thyroxine on the enzymes of energy metabolism in bone marrow myeloid cells and neutrophilsof neonatal piglet
168-175 Polyakova E. D., Ivanova T. N., Voschinnikov E. I., Olferiev A. M., Perova N.V.
The level of blood serum 7a -hydroxycholesterol as an indicator of cholesterol catabolism under hyperlipidemia and hypolipidemic therapy
176-183 Dotsenko V.L., Spirina A.Ya., Makinsky A.I., Neshkova E.A., Yorshikova Yu.E., Yarovaya G.A.
Leukocyte elastase in plasma of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis and its part in blood coagulation disturbances
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