1965, Volume 11, Issue 1
3-17 Pevzner L.Z., Tomina E.D.
Biochemical and cytochemical characteristics of brain tumors
17-22 Khashimova P.R.
Characteristics of serum proteins in acute hepatitis
22-27 Bremener S.M., Raskin I.M., Alferova V.A., Rogova K.P., Filippova G.S.
Vitamin b6 metabolism and its effect on patients with acute hepatitis
27-31 Rubina Kh.M., Romanchuk L.A.
Activity of glutathione reductase in the blood of rats under normal conditions and in oxygen deficiency
31-35 Pertseva M.N.
On the inhibition by cortisone of the glucokinase activity in skeletal muscles of chick embryos
35-41 Egorova V.A., Blinova A.I., Seits I.F.
Energy metabolism of human thrombocytes under normal conditions and in polycythemia and chronic myelosis
41-44 Sytinskii Ia..
Gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain of monkeys in convulsions evoked by picrotoxin
44-50 Iakovlev N.N.
Effect of vitamin b-15 on the biochemical processes in muscular activity
50-58 Smirnov G.A.
Significance of acetylation and oxidation in the inactivation of preparations of isonicotinic acid hydrazide
58-60 Dosta G.A.
Glucose-6-phosphatase and alkaline phosphatase activity in the liver of mice under the effect of some antitubercular agents
60-66 Cherniak N.B., Lapteva R.I.
Substrate of anaerobic metabolism of carbohydrates in human blood platelets
66-70 Priev I.G.
Copper and iron metabolism in anemia in guinea pigs
70-75 Kogan A.Kh., Malov G.A., Kalebina N.S.
Incorporation of p32 into nucleic acids and s35 into proteins of connective tissue capsules undergoing malignant degeneration
75-81 Panin L.E.
Effect of acth on the development of hypercholesteremia in fasting rabbits
81-85 Diachkova A.Ia.
Effect of cortisone and betamin on the oxidation of tyrosine in the liver of mice with experimental leukemia
85-88 Ulasevich I.I.
On muscle protein fraction in experimental vitamin e deficiency in guinea pigs
89-94 Pokrovskaia E.I., Tereshchenko A.P., Chizhov S.V.
Chromatographic sepration of cations in the urine
95-96 Manoilov S.E., Derkachev E.F.
Effect of roentgen rays on cytochrome in vitro
97-99 Dobrynina O.V.
On biosynthesis of anserine and carnosine and their intracellular distribution in the muscular tissue of chicks
99-101 Vulfson P.L., Skolysheva L.K.
Activity of muscular "b" phosphorylase under various conditions of recrystallization and storage
101-103 Klimov A.N., Poliakova E.D., Remozov A.L., Petrova L.A.
Inhibition of the biosynthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids in the liver of rats by means of mevalonic acid
104-107 V.A. Engel'gardt. (on his 70th birthday)    
107-109 Vitalii Sergeevich Il'in. (on his 60th birthday)    
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