1966, Volume 12, Issue 2
131-141 Berezov T.T.
Activity of enzymes of amino acid metabolism in malignant tumors
141-146 Starosel'tseva L.K.
Immunological properties of blood serum proteins in kinney diseases
147-150 Kakushkina M.L., Kudriashov I.B., Sivkova V.G., Skulachev V.P.
On the mechanism of impairment of oxidative phosphorylation in tissues of irradiated animals
150-154 Davydova I.B., Minsker E.I., Orlovskaia D.D.
Effect of blood serum from schizophrenic patients on the content of catecholamines in aminal brain tissue
155-157 Kaĭnova A.S., Rozen V.B.
Disturbance in the tyrosin metabolism of guinea pigs due to repeated administration of Group A hemolytic streptococcus
158-162 Lisobei V.A.
Effect of prednisolone on blood serum proteins in antibrucellosis vaccination and in experimental brucellosis
163-169 Davydova S.Ya., Drozdova G.A., Shapot V.S.
On two types of catalase in liver and transplantable hepatoma
169-176 Larionova T.I., Kudlaĭ D.G., Petrovskaia B.G.
Patterns of glycolysis and oxidative metabolism in Salmonella typhi and typhimurium of different virulence
177-182 Galaev I.V., Kharats K.S.
Amino acid decarbosylases in Escherichia coli
182-186 Golovin B.P.
Effect of glucocorticosteroids in the concentration of NAD and NADP in cellular fractions of rabbit liver and kidney
186-189 Zelinskiĭ V.G.
Effect of thiophosphamide in the biosynthesis of creatine
189-192 Shapiro G.A., Chernov G.A., Ivanova V.D.
Chromatographic study of tryptophan metabolites in urine in Izenko-Cushing disease
193-196 Grigor'eva V.A., Medovar E.N.
Aldolase acitivity in subcellular muscle particles in experimental muscular dystrophy and in normal conditions
196-199 Kulikova A.I.
Activity of phosphofructokinase if skeletal muscles and heart of rats in hemic hypoxia
199-204 Popova I.A.
Effect of imidazole on the biosynthesis of acetylcholine in brain tissue of rabbits
204-207 Morenkova S.A.
Biosynthesis of A- and B-chains of insulin in conditions accompanied by increased activity of pancreatic insular tissue
208-210 Zalesskaia I.M.
Modification of the method of P. Budovsky and A. Bondi for determination of the vitamin A content of whole blood
211-216 Il'in L.A., Maksimov N.A., Panteleeva N.S.
On the method for the mass-spectrophotometric analysis of the isotope content of oxygen in phosphates and water
217-218 Glemzha A.A., Zil'ber L.S.
Fractionation of muscle pyruvate dehydrogenase into three components
218-220 Liapunova E.A., Zelenin A.V.
The effect of acridine orange on the early steps of protein biosynthesis in tissue culture cells
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