1969, Volume 15, Issue 6
563-576 Natanson A.O.
Vitamin A and biosynthesis of mucopolysaccharides
576-581 Kivman G.Ya., Geĭtman I.Ya.
Some peculiarities of the interaction of antibiotics with blood proteins established during kanamycin studies
581-583 Goshev A.I.
Total and free thiamine and thiamine diphosphate content of brains from rats with audiogenic epilepsy
584-588 Khanson K.P., Komar V.E., Kuznetsova A.A.
Effect of x-irradiation on activity of the protein synthetizing system in regenerating rat liver at early periods after partial hepatectomy
588-591 Linchevskaia A.A.
The protective effect of vitamin E against damage to the liver by carbon tetrachloride
591-595 Safonova E.S., Ivanov I.I.
Changes in the protein fractions of cardiac and skeletal muscles of dogs during long-term perfusion under conditions of temporary regional hypoxia
596-598 Koltygina T.I.
Total cholesterol and cholesterol ester content of blood serum in experimental acute renal insufficiency
599-601 Koniukhov A.F., Mazurenko N.P.
Fractionation of catalase inhibitor isolated from the organs of mice with viral hemocytoblastosis-reticulosis
602-610 Kozel'tsev V.L., Debov S.S., Votrin I.I.
The role of inorganic polyphosphates in adenine nucleotide formation in Brevibacterium ammoniagenes ATCC No. 6872
610-614 Kiriukhin I.F., Troitskiĭ G.V., Azhitskiĭ G.Yu.
Studies on electrodecantation fractions of gamma-G-globulin by the methods of electrofocusing, spectropolarimetry and peptide mapping
615-620 Pashchenko A.E., Pashchenko S.I.
Excretion of free amino acids during tuberculosis of the lungs and after treatment
620-622 Traĭbich S.A.
Vitamin B 1 content of blood and urine in Botkin's disease
622-626 Boldyrev A.A., Lebedev A.V., Ritov V.B.
Method for registering simultaneously the ATP-ase and Ca-pumping activities of sarcoplasmic reticulum fragments
626-629 Geller L.I., Kozlova Z.P., Kontsevaia N.G.
Tyrosine metabolism in diabetes mellitus
630-633 Ripatti P.O., Popova R.A., Kagan T.B., Bekhtereva Z.A.
Spectrophotometric determination of bile acids
634-637 Levina E.N., Chekunova M.P.
Manganese effect on monoamine oxidase activity
637-641 Vidershaĭn G.Ya., Kolibaba L.G.
Determination of free 6-deoxyhexoses in the presence of other sugars
642-643 Popova I.A., Orlova V.S., Rozenfel'd E.L.
Effect of adrenaline on the gamma-amylase activity of liver and skeletal muscles of normal and adrenalectomized rats
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