1980, Volume 26, Issue 2
147-149 Khramov V.A., Spasov A.A.
Determination of diamino acids and guanidine derivatives in human serum
150-154 Shilina N.K., Chernavina G.V.
Correlation between lipid peroxidation indices of the liver, plasma, and erythrocytes of liver failure patients
154-157 Khadzhiev K.Kh., Chirko I.G.
Oxidative phosphorylation of Krebs cycle substrates in experimental treatment of enterocolitis with cytochrome c
158-162 Kireev M.M., Konvaĭ V.D., Korpachev V.G.
Rat brain nucleotide pool in the recovery period following resuscitation
162-165 Matveenko V.N.
Biosynthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides in normal and regenerating bone tissue
165-169 Gruzdeva K.N., Antif'eva B.A., Eliseeva V.P., Musikhina S.V.
Phospholipid composition, lipid peroxidation, and activity of enzymes of hepatocyte organoids in alcoholic intoxication
169-174 Vinogradov V.V., Strumilo S.A.
Regulation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in rat liver by insulin and hydrocortisone
174-179 Parfent'eva E.P., Vasilenko Iu.K., Lisevitskaia L.I., Oganesian E.T.
Effect of ursolic acid on lipid metabolism indices in experimental atherosclerosis
179-185 Grigor'eva O.S., Korukova A.A., Gurvich A.E.
Changes in membrane permeability following a rapid increase in the density of a lymphoid cell suspension
185-187 Afonin N.I., Doronina N.N., Smelova O.S., Ivanova N.L., Putiatina T.K.
Changes in lactate dehydrogenase activity and lactic and pyruvic acid concentration in the blood and tissues of animals following intravenous administration of perfluorotributylamine emulsions
195-198 Margiavichene L.E., Toleikis A.I., Zhiuzhnis V.Ya.
Fluctuations in the concentration of human serum cholesterol and glucose during the course of a year
198-200 Urakov A.L.
Changes in oxidative phosphorylation following exposure to sodium caffeine benzoate
200-203 Karapetian L.A., Grigorian L.A., Gevorkin G.A., Aleksanian S.S., Galoian A.A.
Effect of neurohormone C and hexapeptide on incorporation of labeled amino acids into the proteins of different organs
203-206 Voronkov G.S.
Creatine and phosphocreatine concentrations and creatine phosphokinase activity in the hearts of dogs with restricted coronary blood flow
206-210 Usacheva N.T., Nikolaevskaia V.R., Chernikov M.P.
Characteristics of hydrolytic protein breakdown at an early age
210-214 Iusipova N.A.
Serum and tissue glycosaminoglycans of rats with adjuvant arthritis
214-220 Pogosbekova S.D., Karagezian K.G.
Changes in phospholipid metabolism in subcellular structures of cardiac muscle of rabbits with experimental myocardial infarction
220-227 Karelin A.A.
Relationship between the insulin-stimulated disappearance of inorganic phosphate in vitro and the effect of insulin on creatine accumulation in rat skeletal muscle plasma membranes
227-232 Tsushko V.S.
Metabolism of I131-fibrinogen following intravenous and intraperitoneal administration after thrombin loading and blood loss
232-236 Orlov A.S.
Selective activation of DNA biosynthesis in rat kidneys following ethyleneimine administration
236-239 Bel'chenko D.I., Golovanov S.A., Domanskii V.Iu., Khanina N.Ia., Antonova L.A.
Lipid composition, activity and isoenzyme spectrum of certain lymphoid cell enzymes and the effect of hydrocortisone on them
240-243 Safrazbekian R.R., Sukasian R.S.
Importance of initial monoamine oxidase activity to the development of the activating or inhibitory effect of N-methyl- and N-ethyloctahydronaphthoazepines
243-248 Sudzhian T.M.
Partial purification and properties of the D and L forms of rat brain glycogen synthetase
248-252 Golikov P.P., Bobkov A.I., Bobkova A.S., Eneleev R.Kh.
Specific glucocorticoid receptor in human liver cytosol
252-255 Romanova L.A.
Effect of acute and chronic ethanol consumption on rat brain and liver monoamine oxidase activity
255-259 Silaeva S.A., Khatsernova B.Ia., Danilova N.I., Sheremet'evskaia T.N., Iulikova E.P.
Effect of sturines A and B on DNA synthesis and ribonucleotide reductase and thymidine kinase activity in regenerating rat liver
260-264 Sergeev S.A., Gribanov G.A.
Autolytic changes in serum lipids of normal rats and following acute oxygen deficiency
264-270 Petrenko S.V., Balakleevskiĭ A.I.
Mechanisms of regulating monoamine oxidase activity in different brain regions
270-275 Efimova L.V., Malakhova E.A.
Determination of the activities of lipoprotein lipase, triacylglycerolipase, monoacylglycerolipase, and tributyrinase in the plasma, myocardium, and cardiac adipose tissue of rabbits
275-278 Velichko L.N., Timofeev V.P., Shefer I.A.
Micromethod for densitometric determination of blood phospholipid fractions by thin-layer chromatography on plates of 'Silufol UV-254'
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