1976, Volume 22, Issue 3
291-296 Merkur'eva R.V., Bukhtoiarova F.G.
Glycosaminoglycans in blood serum of patients with rheumatoid arthritis
296-301 Medvedev L.A., Belobragina G.V.
Content of hexuronic acids, hexoses and tyrosine in the lung tissue in experimental pneumoconiosis
307-311 Iavich M.P., Lerman M.I.
Cell-free system of protein synthesis from rat's cardiac muscle
311-318 Miroshnichenko Z.N., Kucherenko N.E., Tsudzevich B.A.
ATP metabolism under conditions of radiation injury and the ways of its modification
318-325 Barabash R.D., Levitskiĭ A.P., Loginova N.K., Yovchuk S.V., Genesina T.I.
Role of salivary kallikrein in the pathogenesis of periodontosis
325-328 Kukhta V.K.
Activity of enzymes of pentosephosphate pathway in the erythrocytes, myocardium and intercostal muscle of patients with mitral valve stenosis
329-334 Aleshina N.T., Burlakova E.B., Terekhova S.F.
Comparative study of changes in the concentration of free cholesterol and antioxidative activity of lipids from animal tissues
334-338 Eremenko V.V., Mardashev S.R., Tiul'panova E.S., Evseev L.P.
Regulation of L-asparaginase biosynthesis in mutants of Bacillus mesentericus 43A, poorly growing in the presence of aspartic acid
339-342 Ivanov G.G.
Non-proteolytic enzymes of human gastric and duodenal mucosa in peptic ulcer
343-346 Nikol'skaia I.I., Debov S.S.
Enzyme splitting S-adenosylmethionine in the cells of Escherichia coli CK infected with phage CD
346-351 Klimov A.N., Magracheva E.Ya., Chistiakova A.M., Matveev I.I., Triufanov V.F.
Comparison of lipoprotein spectrum and lipids in maternal blood and in umbilical cord blood of newborn infant
351-356 Batishchev A.I., Lamzina N.V., Cherniak N.B.
Kinetic properties of partially purified glucosephosphate dehydrogenase of human erythrocytes
356-360 Adadullina Z.Z., Popova L.G.
Study of the mechanism of adsorption and activation of enzymes of the contact phase of blood coagulation
360-363 Pankov I.A., Elizarova G.P., Nikolaeva O.P.
Hydrophobic nucleus in the primary structure of bovine prolactin
363-366 Kamyshentsev M.V., Blinov M.N., Abdulkadyrov K.M., Abdulkadyrova A.S.
Acetylcholinesterase of erythrocytes in various blood diseases
366-374 Roslyĭ I.M., Votrin I.I.
Comparative study of 21S RNP particles and ribosomes from the cytoplasm of the cells of sarcoma M-1 in vitro
374-376 Promyslov M.Kh., Iurkina N.A.
Effect of stimulating pharmacological agents on the content of L-cystathionine in the rabbit brain tissues
377-380 Avakian O.M., Shirinian E.A.
Effect of hemorrhagic shock on catecholamine metabolism in the brain
380-388 Isakhanian G.D., Gorkin V.Z.
Adenylate deaminase of the liver mitochondria in normal state and in alcoholic intoxication
388-392 Natanson A.O., Eremina G.V.
Vitamin A esters and their hydrolysis in different organs and tissues
392-395 Lankin V.Z., Gurevich S.M., Kotelevtseva N.V., Tikhaze A.K., Gerasimova E.N.
Role of lipid peroxides in the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis. Detoxication of lipid peroxides by the glutathione-peroxidase system in the aorta
395-400 Kotelevtseva N.V., Kagan V.E., Lankin V.Z., Kozlov I.P.
Role of structural factor in the kinetics of free-radical oxidation of lipids in the membranes
400-406 Migunova N.A., Ermolenko V.M., Nikiforova N.V., Malinina N.V., Blazheevich N.V.
Changes in phosphorus-calcium metabolism in experimental renal insufficiency and after administration of dihydrotachysterol and thyrocalcitonin
406-410 Tat'ianenko L.V., Lavretskaia Z.F., Raikhman L.M., Moshkovskii Iu.S., Lebedeva O.I.
Effect of psychotropic preparations on the activity of Ca- and Mg-dependent ATPase of the sarcoplasmic reticulum
410-413 Frenkel L.A.
Modification of the micromethod of estimation of citric acid in the bone tissue
413-417 Kuzovleva O.B., Nikolaeva A.I.
Use of proteins, covalently bound to agar gel, for specific sorption in electrophoresis
417-421 Iakovlev V.A., Levchuk T.P., Malakhova E.A.
Use of potentiometric titration at constant pH for determination of the activity of lipoprotein lipase
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