1969, Volume 15, Issue 1
3-10 Evnin D.N.
Fragments and subunits of immunoglobulins forming in humans and animals under normal and some pathological conditions
10-16 Khodorova E.L., Veremeenko K.N., Belitser V.A.
Studies on serum antitrypsin-alpha 2-macroglobulin
16-21 Golotin V.G., Berdyshev G.D., Brekhman I.I.
The activity of tryptophan pyrrolase in rat liver in health and in stress
21-24 Levina Ts.I., Tiakhepyl'd L.Ia.
Amylase metabolism and changes in glutaminase and glutamate-synthetase activity in brain during experimental uremia
25-28 Lipovetskiĭ B.M., Dmitrieva I.I.
Non-esterificated fatty acids (NEFA) in the blood and lipomobilizing properties of the serum
28-33 Bachinskiĭ P.P.
Changes in some fractions of acid-soluble phosphorus of the erythrocytes during dumping syndrome (DS)
33-38 Alumova E.K., Pustovalova L.M., Ol'shtein S.E., Murakhovskaia V.A.
Decarboxylase activity in Bacillus typhi
39-43 Popova G.M.
On the cerebrosidase activity of brain gliomas
43-47 Zaets T.L.
On the characteristics of proteolytic enzymes in rabbit tissue after thermal burn
47-52 Romanova I.N., Sof'ina Z.P.
Effect of sarcolysine and two stereoisomers of asaphane upon oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria from tumour and liver of rat
53-56 German M.D., Fel' V.Ya.
Tryptophan pyrrolase--one of the organospecific liver antigens
56-60 Kochetkova M.K., Belousov A.P., Epshteĭn I.M.
Studies on the oxygen-binding properties of the blood in patients with malignant tumors
60-64 Kechkhashvili A.L., Kometiani P.A.
Distribution of injected pangamic acid (vitamin B 15) in the organism and its effect on oxidative metabolism of the brain
64-66 Khanson K.P., Ivanova L.V.
DNA content in liver mitochondria of rats of various ages during liver regeneration and whole body roentgen irradiation
66-70 Simanovskiĭ L.N., Livshits N.M.
Dynamics of changes of glycolysis in brain tissues during training to hypoxia
70-75 Mazurik V.K., Kondrat'eva A.P., Bryskina L.E., Nasonova V.A.
Excretion of beta-aminoisobutyric acid in health, in systemic lupus erythematosus and leukemia
75-78 Mitev I.P., Kryshkova A.M., Pashev I.G., Angelov A.M.
Effect of cortisone on some enzymes in rabbit kidney
79-81 Pechenina M.I., Ulasevich I.I., Kriukova L.V.
ATP-ase activity and oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver and muscle mitochondria during hypervitaminosis of vitamin A
81-83 Al'pert A.E.
Influence of age on the excretion of glucuronic acid by healthy women
83-91 Adigamov L.F., Zbarskiĭ I.B.
Human saliva RNA-se activity in normal and pathological conditions
92-95 Sokovnina I.M., Promyslov M.Kh.
On the activity of the enzyme catalyzing deacetylation of N-acetyl-L-aspartic acid in brain tissue after closed cerebral trauma
96-98 Vaĭntraub I.A.
A device for automatic registration of optical density in eluates from chromatographic columns
98-100 Enrikes O.B., Gaponiuk E.I., Liubashevskaia E.F.
Separation of bradykinin, kallidin and methionyl-lysyl-bradykinin by means of high-voltage electrophoresis and paper chromatography
100-104 Tkachenko A.V.
Method of staining by procion dyes the protein electrophoregrams from microelectrophoresis on agarose gel
104-106 Zakharova A.V.
Separate determination of acetylcholinesterase and non-specific cholinesterase in muscles
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