1982, Volume 28, Issue 4
2-8 Debov S.S., Ostroumova L.M.
Advance lines of fundamental medical research
8-25 Gusev V.A., Panchenko L.F.
Superoxide radical and superoxide dismutase in the free-radical theory of aging (a review)
25-27 Mansurova I.D., Olimova S.O.
Activity of the microsomal ethanol-oxidizing system of the rat liver in acute and chronic alcohol intoxication
27-30 Stroev E.A., Likhvantsev V.V.
Testosterone regulation of hexokinase and phosphofructokinase activity in androgen-sensitive tissues
30-34 Badalian L.O., Grinio L.P., Sel'verova N.B., Gerasimova O.I., Temin P.A.
Content of hypophysiotropic, adrenotropic and thyrotropic hormones in the blood in Duchenne's progressive muscular dystrophy
34-37 Daydov V.V., Iakushev V.S.
Activity of Krebs cycle dehydrogenases and tissue respiration enzymes in myocardial necrosis in rats subjected to stress
38-42 Titov V.N., Sanfirova V.M., Khodakova T.D., Kantardzhian I.G.
Cortisol inhibition of cholesterol and phospholipid biosynthesis in the rat liver
42-46 Konvaĭ V.D., Lukoshkin A.V., Smirnova V.B.
Possible mechanisms of rat liver peroxidation of lipids in the recovery period after mechanical asphyxia
46-50 Iukhnovets R.A., Bachinskiĭ P.P.
Effect of fluoride and insulin on cation-dependent ATPase activity of the enterocytes during threonine absorption
50-56 Almatov K.T., Agzamov K.Kh., Rakhimov M.M., Turakulov I.Kh.
Oxidative phosphorylation and the activity of the polyenzyme systems of rat liver mitochondrial membranes in starvation
56-58 Fanchenko N.D., Alekseeva M.L., Sturchak S.V., Novikov E.A.
Specificity characteristics of estrogen interaction with the cytoplasmic receptors of the uterus and oviducts in green monkeys (Cercopithecus griseus)
59-61 Strumilo S.A., Taranda N.I., Vinogradov V.V.
Role of ATP in regulating the oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex of the adrenal cortex
61-64 Loginov A.S., Proshina L.Ya., Kuznetsova T.P.
Significance of biochemical indices of liver fibrosis
64-67 Toleĭkis A.I., Dagis A.I., Prashkiavichius A.K.
Effect of myocardial ischemia on the phospholipid composition of cardiac tissue and mitochondria
68-71 Kosiagin D.V.
Proteoglycans of human articular cartilage normally and in age-related degenerative changes
75-77 Nikolaevskaia V.R.
Lysosomal proteinase activity in the small intestine in postnatal ontogeny
77-79 Goncharova L.V.
Hormonal induction of liver tyrosine aminotransferase in poisoned animals
79-83 Mikhaĭlov S.S.
Anticholinesterase properties and metabolism of new thiophosphonates with a carboxy ester bond in the phosphoryl portion of the molecule
83-86 Davydov V.S., Subkhankulova F.B., Litvinov R.I., Zubairov D.M.
Role of Kupffer cells and hepatocytes in fibrinogen catabolism
86-93 Ogloblina O.G., Galstian N.A., Karpitskii V.V., Kuzina R.A., Paskhina T.S.
Acid-stable proteinase inhibitor from the urine of pregnant women, the properties of the highly purified preparation and the isolation of a monospecific antiserum
94-95 Subbotina R.S.
Age-related microsomal hydroxylase activity in virtually healthy persons
96-101 Tutel'ian V.A., Sorokovaia G.K., Savvina L.V., Avrent'eva L.I., Vasil'ev A.V.
Enzyme characteristics of the rat liver in ontogeny in chronic alcohol intoxication
102-105 Bragin E.O., Dionne R.R., Ng L.L., Moody T.T., Pert K.K.
Changes in the content of opiate-like substances in auricular electroacupuncture anesthesia of rats
105-109 Goncharova L.A., Kazarian V.A., Shipilova T.Yu., Rapoport E.A.
Metabolic mechanisms of different types of disuse muscular atrophy
110-114 Simkhovich B.Z., Slutskiĭ L.I.
Molecular heterogeneity of the collagen from the skin of white rats in the early postnatal period
114-118 Morozov V.G., Khavinson V.Kh., Kozhemiakin A.L., Kozhemiakin L.A.
Effect of thymic polypeptide factor on the cyclic nucleotide system of immunocompetent cells
118-123 Karelin A.A., Vtiurin B.V.
Relationship of insulin-stimulated ATP formation to insulin action on creatine accumulation in plasma membrane-enriched particles of rat skeletal muscles
123-126 Blizniuk B.F.
Proteolytic enzymes and their inhibitors in the tumors and blood serum of patients with breast neoplasms
126-131 Krivosheev O.G., Nabatchikova N.A., Isachenkov V.A., Veselova S.P.
Luteinizing hormone content in the hypothalamus in relation to the physiological status of rats
131-136 Shelepov V.P., Kreslavskaia E.E., Shapot V.S., Nedosugova L.V., Balabolkin M.I.
Nature of the change in insulin receptors on the lymphocytes in a tumor-bearing organism
137-140 Semenova O.A., Strukova S.M.
Procoagulant properties of beta/gamma-thrombin
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