1974, Volume 20, Issue 6
563-577 Chernova G.V.
Human alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes under normal and pathologic conditions
578-580 Iakobson L.I.
Comparative characteristics of the activity of electron transport chain enzymes in injured and uninjured cerebral hemisphere tissue following unilateral cranio-cerebral trauma
581-583 Khizhniakova T.M., Promyslov M.Kh., Gorshunova L.P.
Gamma-aminobutyric acid concentration in the brains of animals infected with fixed rabies virus
583-588 Mishkinite G.A., Iusene I.P.
A change in the concentrations of RNA, DNA and nicotinamide coenzymes in the tissues of rabbits undergoing treatment with alkylating agents for an experimental rheumatoid-arthritic process
588-593 Meerson F.Z., Lerman M.I., Iavich M.P.
The relationship between translating and non-translating ribosomes in the myocardium during cardiac hyperfunction
593-600 Iakovlev V.A., Malakhova E.A., Zolotov N.N., Levchuk T.P.
Properties of lipoprotein lipase from the postheparin plasma of young cattle
605-608 Matusis I.I., Degrunova N.D., Prosol'naia N.A., Oblizina G.V.
Skeletal muscle phosphorylase and hexokinase activity in vitamin K deficiency and the effect of several 6-hydroxychromane derivatives on changes in hexokinase activity
608-611 Moskalenko I.P., Mitriaeva N.A.
The biological activity of antibodies to DNA
611-617 Ul'ianov A.M., Ammosova Ia.M., Kudriashov B.A.
Heparin--factor XIII complex and its physico-chemical properties
617-619 Drel' K.A., Skorobogataia T.G., Chernenkova M.P., Borzenko B.G.
Changes in the activity of several enzymes in the nuclei of human fetus brain cells
619-622 Khomulo P.S., Zharova I.P.
The influence of the functional activity of the adrenals on ground substance and vascular wall permeability in rabbits
622-624 Blagorodov S.G., Poliakov V.M., Arkhangel'skaia A.V.
Pulmonary phospholipids during chemical carcinogenesis in rats
625-631 Shittabe K.K., Volchek A.G., Adler V.V., Rozen V.B.
Glucocorticoid cytoreceptors in normal and tumorous rat liver tissue
631-634 Tsvetkova I.V., Kozina A.B.
Detection of carriers of Tay-Sachs disease by determining blood N-acetylhexosaminadase A activity
634-637 Stefanov A.V., Levitskiĭ A.P.
The activity of rat pancreas elastase and pro-elastase in experimental pancreatitis
637-640 Petrun N.M.
The isoenzyme spectrum of erythrocyte carboanhydrase in dogs with acute renal insufficiency
640-643 Tseveleva I.A.
Collagen biosynthesis in the lungs of rats with radiation injury
644-648 Stan E.Ya., Chernikov M.P.
The heterogeneity of casein glycomacropeptide
648-651 Kniashko A.A., Gude Z.Kh., Tsiliurik I.T.
The effect of galascorbin on RNA metabolism in the livers of guinea pigs with burns
652-655 Goriukhina O.A., Ashmarin I.P.
The rate of removal from circulating blood and binding with plasma components of exogenous histone
656-660 Shaposhnikov A.M., Skachkov M.M.
Phenylalanine hydroxylase activity in the livers of patients with phenylketonuria
660-663 Paskhina T.S., Krinskaia A.V.
A simplified method for determining kallikreinogen and kallikrein in human blood (plasma) under normal conditions and in several pathologic states
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